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Terri04-Jul-02 08:52 PM EST 3b   
Susan05-Jul-02 07:15 PM EST 6a   
Jude07-Jul-02 12:47 AM EST 2a   
Lynn08-Jul-02 01:52 PM EST 3   
Susan08-Jul-02 05:13 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Thanks Carol!
From: Terri
Zone: 3b
Date: 04-Jul-02 08:52 PM EST

Yes, but there HAS to be something to repel these 'cutters' or bees. I don't work so hard just to watch my leaves become swiss cheesy! Maybe like some cheyanne pepper spray-anyone try that?

Subject: RE: Big holes are ugly on leaves!
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 05-Jul-02 07:15 PM EST

There's a very good, short article on leaf cutter bees by the Colorado State University Extension Entomologist at:

The conclusion re control is as follows:

'Insecticides are ineffective for prevention of leaf cutting. The only known control of leaf injuries is to cover susceptible plants with cheesecloth or other loose netting during periods when leafcutter bees are most active. Numbers of leafcutter bees in an area can be reduced if breeding sites are eliminated, although these might be difficult to detect. Look for rotting boards, with sawdust pushed out of excavated tunnels, or thick stemmed plants with hollowed openings. Leafcutter bees can be prevented from tunneling into rose canes by sealing exposed pith as canes are pruned. This can be easily achieved by placing a thumb tack, bit of sealing wax or white glue on the opening. '

Subject: RE: Big holes are ugly on leaves!
From: Jude
Zone: 2a
Date: 07-Jul-02 12:47 AM EST

They do more good than they do harm!

Subject: RE: Big holes are ugly on leaves!
From: Lynn
Zone: 3
Date: 08-Jul-02 01:52 PM EST


I read that about the leaf-cutters, too, but was disappointed they didn't mention the periods of day when leaf-cutters are most active. Does anyone know?

Subject: RE: Big holes are ugly on leaves!
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 08-Jul-02 05:13 PM EST

Lynn- I don't think they're talking about period of day the bees are active but rather the time of year that the bees are active in building nests and thus require the leaves for the nest building. From what I can find, the bees are some of the first bees to be active and are building their nests in May, so late April/all of May would be the the time to cover the plants to protect the plants. (Roses and lilacs seem to be their favorites for harvesting leaves....) The bees are inportant pollinators for many plants so one should not try to get rid of them all....

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