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Tom Dawson30-Jun-02 11:18 PM EST 3a   
alnoro01-Jul-02 01:39 AM EST 8   
Tom Dawson02-Jul-02 09:30 AM EST 3a   
osborne02-Jul-02 12:28 PM EST   
03-Jul-02 09:48 AM EST   
Diane Harper02-Apr-07 03:28 PM EST 9   

Subject: Live Chat Topics
From: Tom Dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Jun-02 11:18 PM EST

I'd like to find out what topics you think would be of interest to our visitors in the live chat.

I'd also like to find out how often you think we should run the live chats - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, more than once a week?

Are there any hosts you'd like us to have on the live chats?

Finally, I'd like to hear if any one is still experiencing any problems with logging into the live chats.

Feel free to respond to this thread or to email me directly at

Thanks for your input.

Subject: RE: Live Chat Topics
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 01-Jul-02 01:39 AM EST

Topics I'd like to see discussed include general topics like shade grdens,Perrenials,Annuals,Grasses,Herbs,Trees, Insects,Weeds, Actually any general topic with a specific theme would be great.I found it seemed like old home week with 4 personal friends chatting about things the other people knew nothing about like trips here and there etc.The chat time seemed unbearably long as you had long spaces in chat, we all had to wait it seems while one person typed and entered before we could read the next screen. I also found the time did not suit my availability I know it's hard, especially at 10:00a.m.(Pacific) on a Sunday to get gardeners to sit at their computers I'd much rather be in my garden, but I know if I am going to devote an hour to sitting at that time I watch GET GROWING. A phone in garden program.I'm sorry if I sound negative I'm not really, I think the live chat is a great idea and I'd really be glad to be a part of it but,some nips and tucks are called for.

Subject: RE: Live Chat Topics
From: Tom Dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 02-Jul-02 09:30 AM EST

Hi Alnoro, thanks for all your comments - and no, you aren't sounding negative - I really do want to understand how to make the Live Chat more effective. Do you have any suggestions regarding the time of the chat?


Subject: RE: Live Chat Topics
From: osborne
Date: 02-Jul-02 12:28 PM EST

I'd have to agree with some of Alnoro's comments. Altho' to give Art et. al the benefit of the doubt, they were probably chatting about trips etc. as they waited for a gardening question to be posed.

This time of year, I'm likely outdoors, gardening or otherwise enjoying our too-brief summer during the daylight hours. An evening time slot would be more attractive, but then you're dealing with a lot of time zones, so you can't please everyone.

I like the idea of having a topic for each chat, altho' you may be limiting participation to those who have that particular interest. That being said, the topics should be timely (e.g. discussion of bulb selection, about a week or two after the bulb catalogues arrive on our door step or of pruning techniques at about the time that spring-flowering shrubs should be pruned).

My personal interest at present is native flowers, shrubs and trees as I am establishing a 'wild' garden on a property in Muskoka. I would love to be able to 'chat' with Lorraine Johnson, if she's willing and available. I have her 2 most recent books, and have borrowed others from the library. I would love to pick her brain if she would participate!

Regards, D. Osborne

Subject: RE: Live Chat Topics
Date: 03-Jul-02 09:48 AM EST

Thanks Osborne - I'll have to ask Donna about talking to Lorraine..

We tried a night time slot a few times with John Valleau, the horticulturist from Heritage Perennials - it might have been early on in the Live Chat introduction - but we had very limited participation.

We're a little torn - Donna has spoken with a number of well known Cdn gardeners that would be willing to host a Chat, but we don't want to impose on their time if there is limited response. Art has been great giving of his time and promoting the Chat on his show but I am concerned that our visitors aren't taking advantage of his experience.

I know it's kind of like the chicken and egg - maybe we will line up a number for the fall and see what happens.


Subject: RE: Live Chat Topics
From: Diane Harper
Zone: 9
Date: 02-Apr-07 03:28 PM EST

I would like to grow some trees on my back patio in Florida. Any recommendations?

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