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soil conditions for Holly shrubs

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Linda28-Jun-02 01:55 PM EST 6a   
Julie02-Jul-02 02:20 PM EST 5b   
Linda04-Jul-02 11:41 PM EST 6a   

Subject: soil conditions for Holly shrubs
From: Linda
Zone: 6a
Date: 28-Jun-02 01:55 PM EST

We have an eastern exposure garden with 4 holly plants in the centre (variety 'Ilex Meserveae' Blue Moon and Blue Princess). Surrounding the hollies (about 12" away) are assorted small plants like miniature roses, creeping phlox, dianthus, sedum and more.The soil is very thin and dry. What should I do to amend the soil (i.e. peat moss, mulch, etc.)? I have heard that holly does not like too rich a soil.

Subject: RE: soil conditions for Holly shrubs
From: Julie
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-Jul-02 02:20 PM EST

Linda - I don't know too much about soil types, but I have two Holly bushes (3 years old) - one is Blue Princess and the other Blue Boy. I am so pleased at how they are looking this summer. There is lots of new growth and white blossoms on one. Mine are planted on the east side of the house as well, but close to the hosue for some protection. The only thing I have every done to them is fertilizer regularly between June - September with an Ever-Acid Fertilizer - 30-10-10. This is the fertilizer that I use for all my evergreen bushes plus holly, eugonomus, boxwood, rhodos, azeleas, hydrangeas - all those acid loving plants. I have them also mulched for extra protection from the cold in the wintertime. The soil they are planted in is not the best - a couple inches of loom for grass, then below that is regular clay type soil. Hope this helps - not totally knowledgeable, but didn't want to see your question go unanswered.

Subject: RE: soil conditions for Holly shrubs
From: Linda
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Jul-02 11:41 PM EST

Thanks for responding, Julie, the info about the fertilizer is good to know. We have had blossoms and berries this year, but most of the berries have dropped off since it got so very hot here, although we try to keep eveything sufficiently watered.I think I'll try some pine bark mulch to help keep the roots protected. Thanks again!

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