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European Mtn Ash problem

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Dot27-Jun-02 11:11 AM EST 2b   
glen28-Jun-02 03:47 PM EST 3a   
Dot01-Jul-02 08:48 PM EST   
Linda01-Jul-02 11:23 PM EST 2b   
Lynn02-Jul-02 01:45 PM EST 3   
Dot03-Jul-02 12:58 AM EST 2b   

Subject: European Mtn Ash problem
From: Dot
Zone: 2b
Date: 27-Jun-02 11:11 AM EST

We're living in Central Alberta and I planted an 8' tall pot grown European Mountain Ash last Spring. It's on the west side of the garden and gets both south and west exposure. Last fall it didn't set berries, but I thought it was getting roots established. So far it hasn't broken into leaf this year, but seems perfectly healthy, the twigs and branches are green underneath the bark, right up to the small buds. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem... is it possible it may not leaf out this year but come back next spring?

Subject: RE: European Mtn Ash problem
From: glen
Zone: 3a
Date: 28-Jun-02 03:47 PM EST

Are you saying there is not one leaf on the tree? This is most unusual. Do the buds at least look like they are going to leaf out? It seems to me that even with the cool spring it should be leafed out already, it might be a goner. I don't think the wood test always works, a plant could die and the wood could still stay fresh for a time and therefore have some green in it. Do you have a warranty with the tree? Sorry to be so negative but I have never heard of a case where a tree would remain dormant for two years before leafing out, someone could correct me if I'm wrong, so I suspect the tree didn't make it. Unless, of course, it looks like the buds are going to leaf out, then maybe it's just really late for some reason.

Subject: RE: European Mtn Ash problem
From: Dot
Date: 01-Jul-02 08:48 PM EST

Thanks Glen, there is not one leaf out on the tree. We've decided to wait and see what happens by next Spring - a friend of mine suggested it may have started to bud because we had a mild period earlier in the year, then a late frost may have killed the buds. If this is the case, hopefully it will leaf out next Spring, or I'll be looking for a new tree!

Subject: RE: European Mtn Ash problem
From: Linda
Zone: 2b
Date: 01-Jul-02 11:23 PM EST

Glen is correct. If the plant doesn't leaf out this spring it won't leaf out next spring either.

Central Alberta is very dry and was last fall. Did you give it LOTS of water last fall? This spring?

Leave a hose trickling on the roots of the tree for a few days - give it another week - if it doesn't leaf out it is dead.

The leaves need to come forth to supply food for the tree.

Subject: RE: European Mtn Ash problem
From: Lynn
Zone: 3
Date: 02-Jul-02 01:45 PM EST

We had the same problem with one of our Columnar Mountain ash trees last year. We have an established row along our back fence and one of them (in the middle of the row, of course) refused to leaf out. The rest were OK. The buds were there, green and healthy and alive, as was the bark of the tree. I was advised not to assume that it wasn't going to come until about the middle of July. I did give it a healthy dose of "root booster", which someone from a tree nursery said might "jump-start" it. It did. We were out of town from the end of June (when we applied the root booster) until the middle of July and when we came home it had totally leafed out. The leaves were very large compared with the other trees, obviously from the root booster. And it came back this year no problem. The leaf size is back to normal this year.

Subject: RE: European Mtn Ash problem
From: Dot
Zone: 2b
Date: 03-Jul-02 12:58 AM EST

Well, I really appreciate your advice - what a great bunch of people gardeners are! I have watered it well, and the other trees we have are all in full leaf, so I suspect Glen is probably right about it being a "goner". I'm going to try the root booster and trickle watering for a few days as you suggest, and hope for the best. Thanks again, Dot

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