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Melissa19-Jun-02 02:42 PM EST 6   
Betty19-Jun-02 05:18 PM EST 5a   
Newt22-Jun-02 06:20 PM EST 7   

Subject: Plant Suggestions Needed
From: Melissa
Zone: 6
Date: 19-Jun-02 02:42 PM EST

Hi there,

I have spent the last couple of years working on improving a bit of a garden underneath a manitoba maple. I've been able to create quite a pretty spring show, but it's lacking impact June - September. Given that the plants would have both shade and some competition with the maple roots, does anyone have some nice suggestions that would add interest (other then just hostas, that is) from June-September? I'm happy to add plants for both blooms and interesting foliage.

Thanks for any suggestions about what's worked well for you in your gardens!


Subject: RE: Plant Suggestions Needed
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-Jun-02 05:18 PM EST

Not sure if this will work with your maple, but my aunt; after her bulb display, uses wax begonias, coleus and hostas under a large crab tree. It is very attractive. Betty

Subject: RE: Plant Suggestions Needed
From: Newt
Zone: 7
Date: 22-Jun-02 06:20 PM EST

There are many shade plants that have interesting foilage. Here's some that come to mind. These are all perennial and you can research them at using quotes and preferably the Latin name like this "Euphorbia chameleon". You can also click on 'Images' and often get pictures as well.

If the space is large enough, consider some shrubs. There are even small ones that would fit a smaller space. Nandina domestica 'Nana' - this is the dwarf one with lime green at this time of the year and redish in fall with the sunlight. Hydrangea 'Pia' is a small one, or many others as well. Rhododendrum - there are the PJM variety that are small.

These ferns can tolerate dry shade Dryopteris Polypodium Polystichum munitu

Heuchera 'plum pudding' is my favorite heuchera. Tiarella - foam flower Euphorbia 'chameleon' - (there are many that will tolerate dry shade, but this one has purple leaves. Epimedium - heart shaped leaves Corydalis lutea - some varieties have beautiful blue blossoms. Helleborus - many different species and bloom from early winter to early spring Two hardy geraniums that come to mind with nice leaf shapes and flowers are Geranium macrorrhizum Geranium palmatum

See this site for the hardy geraniums

Those should get you started. Good luck, Newt

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