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flowers for morning sun

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debra18-Jun-02 08:12 PM EST 4a   
Susan19-Jun-02 08:30 AM EST 6a   
SiKnez19-Jun-02 02:17 PM EST

Subject: flowers for morning sun
From: debra
Zone: 4a
Date: 18-Jun-02 08:12 PM EST

I have several flower beds. All are a combination of perennials and annuals. I am specifically looking for tall plants that thrive in morning sun. This particular bed as sun until noon only, and is up against the house. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks

Subject: RE: flowers for morning sun
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Jun-02 08:30 AM EST

I have an area like that in front of my front porch. For all year interest I have variegated euonymus - it can either grow as a climber or be pruned as a shrub. Mine climbs the lattice skirt of the porch but I leave it a bit fuller and shrub-like towards the front. For spring there is fritillaria bulbs and Poetaz 'Pheasant's Eye' narcissi (which are highly scented - nice by the front door...) Bearded irises are just finishing blooming. They do extremely well there. Lupins have been in bloom for a week or so. Vyvyan Pennell clematis on the lattice at the end of the porch are in full, magnificent bloom at the moment. Since my bed in this area is very small, after these flowers stop blooming, it's largely a foliage bed for the rest of the summer but that's because there's not room to plant more; not because there's nothing to plant. If you get four hours of morning sun, you can plant anything that says part sun/shade. The same goes for your other post re afternoon sun. If you get 4-6 hours of afternoon sun, any part sun/shade plant will do well. I have foxglove just starting to blossom in a damp, shady area that gets barely 4 hours of sun. Japanese Primroses are still blooming there. Goatsbeard is just starting. Cardinal flower and perennial blue lobelia blossom later. Since this area is damp, most of my planting there are things that like moisture. But, just look at a garden guide from a nursery like Sheridan or White Rose and try anything that says part sun/shade. The list of things that will grow in 4-6 hours of morning or afternoon sun is very long indeed.

Subject: RE: flowers for morning sun
From: SiKnez
Date: 19-Jun-02 02:17 PM EST

Check on There you can find the information you're looking for.

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