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pruning evergreens zpne 5a

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monika16-Jun-02 10:06 PM EST 5a   
Ed17-Jun-02 08:48 PM EST 5b   

Subject: pruning evergreens zone 5a
From: monika
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-Jun-02 10:06 PM EST

What is the best way to prune a Japanese Yew and an Alberta Spruce? Do you even have to prune them? Mine are getting a little out of their pyramidial shape. Can I just take the garden shears to the shrubs or is there a pattern to it? I understand in our area, this should be done in the third week of June.

Subject: RE: pruning evergreens zpne 5a
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 17-Jun-02 08:48 PM EST

Monica, most pyramidal evergreens in nurseries are neatly pruned to look their best at point of sale. Continued growth, however, requires periodical pruning to retain this appearance, not unlike people requiring haircuts from time to time to produce a desired effect. Light prunings will result in a tree becoming gradually larger until a desired height is attained; subsequent prunings equal to the amount of growth will keep a tree at a given size almost indefinitely, with the exterior needles becoming increasingly shorter and the " bushiness " more dense. Some evergreens require more frequent pruning than others to stay in shape. Slow growing Alberta spruce seldom requires any pruning at all, though an occasional light shearing may be in order. As to time of pruning, I apply the same principle as to haircuts: if the trees seem to need it and I have the time ( and inclination ), go to it !

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