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starting seeds indoors

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carmen16-Jun-02 06:40 PM EST 3   
Faye16-Jun-02 09:48 PM EST 6   
sandy19-Jun-02 11:58 AM EST 3b   

Subject: starting seeds indoors
From: carmen
Zone: 3
Date: 16-Jun-02 06:40 PM EST

buying plants annually is very expensive, so i'm planning to start my seeds indoor for next year. your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Subject: RE: starting seeds indoors
From: Faye
Zone: 6
Date: 16-Jun-02 09:48 PM EST

Good clean practises are the first rule of a green thumb...:) 1-a soiless mixture 2-seed trays enclosed in a a plastic dome covered tray 3-"Grow" light 4-a spray bottle 5-a bottle of "No-Damp" Dampen your soiless mixture with a diluted (1/2 strength) of "No Damp"and lightly fill your seed trays. Sow seed as per package directions. Cover with plastic dome and place under the Grow light for 12 hours daily. Keep soil from drying out, by misting it with water....When seed start to germinate (sprout) remove the plastic domes and continue with the Grow light as before and misting with water, just before soil surface appears to be drying out.. Once they grow to a plantable size.....start "hardening-off",meaning,placing the plants outside each day for longer and longer periods. After 5 days(approx).....leave them out for a full day...plant them into your garden. Good luck!!

Subject: RE: starting seeds indoors
From: sandy
Zone: 3b
Date: 19-Jun-02 11:58 AM EST

I use plastic trays, which are very clean, starter mix and a bottle of No-Damp off. I dampen the soil mix with warm water, sow the seeds as directed, but some seeds need to be frozen first for a few days to start germination. I also germinate some seeds between damp paper towel in a ziploc bag,place in a warm area, such as top of my fridge. I also use plastic trays with lids. When these seeds sprout, then I put them under the grow lights. I odered a book from T & T Seeds, "SECRETS of starting & growing seedlings under lights" by Mr. Tomato award-winning Gardner. It has lots of information on growing and good hints.

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