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Amanda15-Jun-02 09:55 AM EST 6   
Susan15-Jun-02 12:18 PM EST 6a   
Ed15-Jun-02 08:04 PM EST 5b   
Debbie16-Jun-02 02:22 AM EST 8   

Subject: shrubs zone 6
From: Amanda
Zone: 6
Date: 15-Jun-02 09:55 AM EST

This is a question for my mother. She has a shady, wet north west corner and would like to plant a shrub there. Astilbe and jacobs ladder are already doing well. Any suggestions. Thank you.

Subject: RE: shrubs zone 6
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 15-Jun-02 12:18 PM EST

My absolute favorite shrubs in my wet, shady area are variegated dogwood. I have both 'Silverleaf' (aka 'Elegantissima') and 'Ivory Halo'. I prefer Silverleaf but they're both very nice. The green leaves are edged in white and the really light up dark areas - they are visible from quite a distance. They can take quite damp conditions and a high degree of shade (Ivory Halo prefers less shade - I have it at the front of the area and Silverleaf at the back...) Silverleaf will become a quite large shrub eventually (about 8-10' wide and tall while Ivory Halo is smaller (about 5 feet) but you can prune to keep them at the size you want.

Hydrangeas, of course, are the other common damp shade shrub. In my 'wet corner' I have an Oakleaf hydrangea and a 'Tardiva' The Oakleaf is a very nice shrub but, since it's an 'old wood' bloomer, the flowerbuds sometimes winterkill - I had no flowers last year but will this year as the flower heads are already visible. Even without flowers it's a nice shrub - large, oak-leaf shaped leaves that turn interesting colors in the fall and exfoliating bark for winter interest.

For something a bit different, try Kirengeshoma palmata - Yellow Waxy Bells. It's actually a perennial but looks much like a shrub as it grows. The leaves look a bit like maple leaves. It gets to be about 4' tall and 3' wide or so by the end of the summer. In late summer it has nice yellow flowers like hanging bells. If the garden area is not large enough to accomodate a large shrub, this might be a good alternative. Mine are about 18" wide and tall at the moment so they are quite compatable with things like Jacob's Ladder and Astilbe at this point in the year although you have to allow it room for its full size as the summer progresses.

Subject: RE: shrubs zone 6
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-Jun-02 08:04 PM EST

If an evergreen is preferred, cedar, yew or boxwood might be considered, the latter low and globular, the other two also in upright form if such is desirable. Because individual tastes vary, I suggest you visit a local nursery before making a decision on selection of any particular variety.

Subject: RE: shrubs zone 6
From: Debbie
Zone: 8
Date: 16-Jun-02 02:22 AM EST

Nine bark will grow anywhere and makes a nice shrub.The species variety grows about 10 ft but there are some nice compact varieties as well. Goats beard would do okay there except it dies back to the ground for the winter. Kalmia or Mountain Laurel might do okay since it doesn't mind shade or wet feet. There are hostas that grow quite large. Check with your local nursery (not boxstore garden center) for rhodos. They might have other suggestions as well.

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