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tomatoes and yellow leaves - help

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07-Jun-02 07:43 PM EST 3a   
Linda07-Jun-02 11:01 PM EST   
Faye09-Jun-02 05:32 PM EST 6a   

Subject: tomatoes and yellow leaves - help
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-Jun-02 07:43 PM EST

Hello Gardeners of June, my father-in-law brought me some totmato plants from B.C. a couple of weeks ago. About 2 feet tall already. I have dotted them about my garden (again a couple of weeks ago) and I notice that the ones which receive the most sun also have many yellowed leaves towards the bottom. I keep them well watered and the roots cool. Should I remove the yellow leaves? Should I use my tomato fertilizer yet? I really would like these yellowy ones to bounce back. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Subject: RE: tomatoes and yellow leaves - help
From: Linda
Date: 07-Jun-02 11:01 PM EST

Hi, Regarding the yellow leaves: From what I have read, usually plants that have yellow leaves on the bottom are due to too MUCH watering and the ones that have yellow leaves on top are due to not enough water to reach the top leaves. So I would suppose you could be overwatering. I think most plants are supposed to receive only about 1 to 2 inches of water per week, or 1 gallon of water per each sq ft of area once a week. Probably more during hot dry spells, but probably not more than twice a week watering. I believe I would leave the leaves on the plants and see if they color back up. But if they don't, the leaves will probably fall off without any help. Also,I did see an article concerning fertilizer that said most plants and flowers don't really need special fertilizers--just good "food",such as humus or compost. I think tomato plants don't usually like cool roots, they like hot weather. Good luck with yours.I hope they will do great. I am in zone 5 and mine seem to be doing okay so far. I only have 4 plants, but I put some white plastic beneath them (and punched holes in the plastic), so I don't have to water so often.I waited until the weather got hot to put the white (reflective) plastic under them, though. When the weather was cool, I had black plastic under them so they would stay warm. This method seems to working all right so far. One plant has a couple blossoms on it, so I am going to buy some humus and mix it with water for the next watering.

Subject: RE: tomatoes and yellow leaves - help
From: Faye
Zone: 6a
Date: 09-Jun-02 05:32 PM EST

Sorry to hear your tomatoe woes. They thrive on lots of sun and an even amount of watering. To encourage deep feeding roots to not water too freguently....allow Mother Nature to do her thing......if she doesn't provide rain in 4 days...then you do it. Feed your tomatoes with a water soluable veggie food at 1/2 the reccommended strength on the pkg (each and every time you water).

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