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blue star juniper dying

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Kathryn 05-Jun-02 04:37 PM EST 7a   
Cee13-Jun-02 10:14 PM EST 7b   

Subject: blue star juniper dying
From: Kathryn
Zone: 7a
Date: 05-Jun-02 04:37 PM EST

I have a boulevard 160'x5' planted 5 years ago in blue star juniper. Two years ago it was beautiful except for a couple of dead brown patches which I removed. Last year more patches appeared and again I pruned them out. They were quite dead. This year I have more brown than blue predominantly in the middle with mostly blue on the last 6 feet on either end. My garden centre did not have any suggestions. Now, I must remove them but I have some questions. How can I know if the soil is ok..(my 5 prunus amanagawas and rock spray cotoneaster are fine in the same location)? Should I remove the few I have that appear to be untouched by disease? Is this the same thing that I have noticed in other landscapes attacking one or two trees in a hedge? Can I replace them with blue star again or something with the same colour and habit. Is there a juniper guru out there who can tell me what to do? We also want to tackle this problem and get it settled before August. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Subject: RE: blue star juniper dying
From: Cee (leela44@hotmail.com)
Zone: 7b
Date: 13-Jun-02 10:14 PM EST

Hi Kathryn, I don't have advice for these Junipers but have had my problems with certain cedars,and a hollywood Juniper (which we lost) and a terrible bug problem with Foxtail spruce.Generally , Junipers are a tough plant but I read that they can be attacked by a few insects aphids, leafminers, scale insects, rusts, mites , twig blight etc. Also- - the cherry tree might HOST something that will hurt your bushes like a rust. (fungus) I am thinking aphids, or mites for insects .Maybe you would reach more E-pals if you post on the General Discussion Forum?? Good Luck , it is so sad to watch them dying and not knowing how to stop it, and you have so many ....! Cee

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