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spider mites...outside!

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gwen04-Jun-02 04:33 PM EST 8a   
Northern Gardener 05-Jun-02 01:00 AM EST 3   

Subject: spider mites...outside!
From: gwen
Zone: 8a
Date: 04-Jun-02 04:33 PM EST

Has anyone run into these dreaded beasties outside the house?? I bought two chamaecyparis in January. One is dried up and brown and the other isn't thriving. On close inspection, there are fine webs and specks covering the needles....groan...sure looks like the inside version. I am in denial! gwen

Subject: RE: spider mites...outside!
From: Northern Gardener (
Zone: 3
Date: 05-Jun-02 01:00 AM EST

Uh-huh. You'll find those pests outside, even here in cold zone 3!

Spidermites love hot, dry conditions. Hosing down your outside plants, especially undersides of leaves/branches, will help reduce the likeliness of mites settling in. We wash down our trees in this fashion several times a season not just to 'dust them off' but to discourage unwanted pests.

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