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30-May-02 02:25 AM EST
ED30-May-02 11:52 PM EST 5b   
linda01-Jun-02 07:56 PM EST   

Subject: help! my poor flowering crab
Date: 30-May-02 02:25 AM EST

my flowering crab tree has a little green worm , in a kinda web , curled up tin the leaves . what is it ? how do i get rid of it ? no chemicals preferred . thanks

Subject: RE: help! my poor flowering crab
From: ED
Zone: 5b
Date: 30-May-02 11:52 PM EST

Tent caterpillars can be eliminated by pulling apart the webbing, repeated, if necessary; or by applying a few drops of coal oil/gasoline to a rag tied to the end of a stick/pole, carefully igniting it before hoisting it 'neath the offending web and in seconds, whoosh ! Game over.

Subject: RE: help! my poor flowering crab
From: linda
Date: 01-Jun-02 07:56 PM EST

Ed is right. Tightly twist some newspaper and light it under the web. Burn the web quickly and carefully. It works. We have had to do it.

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