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Mandevilla, passion flower, to prune?

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iris28-May-02 11:32 AM EST 4b   
jak28-May-02 02:06 PM EST 4   
Dorothy06-Nov-02 09:08 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Mandevilla, passion flower, to prune?
From: iris
Zone: 4b
Date: 28-May-02 11:32 AM EST

Finally mild enough to bring my passion flower vine, mandevilla, and datura outside to harden off. They have flourish all winter indoors. To Prune or Not to Prune? Thanks for any advice!

Subject: RE: Mandevilla, passion flower, to prune?
From: jak
Zone: 4
Date: 28-May-02 02:06 PM EST

Had to prune my passion flower last year at this time because it had grown too big to get out of the door. It did very well after a hard prune. I managed to root about 10 cuttings and gave them all away. Then the plant got too big outside to bring in, so I let it go. Bought a new little one this Spring.

Subject: RE: Mandevilla, passion flower, to prune?
From: Dorothy (
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Nov-02 09:08 PM EST

I have brought in my oleander,mandevilla, albuton,passionflower, and brugmansia in for the winter.The brugmansia will be going in the basement in the dark after I have cut it back.I have cut back the oleander,but didn't realise I could also let it go dormant,the other 2 are looking pretty ratty.Is now the time to really cut them back and just keep them in a bright room barely watered? I just don't have enough window space to keep them all going thro the winter.

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