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Source for Pieris shrub

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Clare21-May-02 02:56 PM EST 5b   
Susan21-May-02 04:17 PM EST 6a   
ana21-May-02 06:38 PM EST 6a   
Ed23-May-02 08:16 AM EST 5b   
Greg23-May-02 09:58 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Source for Pieris shrub
From: Clare
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-May-02 02:56 PM EST


I hope someone can tell me where in the Greater Toronto Area I can find a nursery selling the shrub "Pieris". I noticed an April post from Ron about this and Sue replied that she had 2. Where did you get them?

I brought one back from England last year but alas, it succumbed to the rigours and trauma of travel (I guess). I would really like to get one to plant as a "memory" plant for my Mother in Law who died last year. When we visited Yorkshire,England to arrange the funeral last May this shrub was everywhere. When the new leaf growth comes in it is bright orange, gradually changing to yellow, then cream, then light green to its final dark green colour - truly outstanding!

Any help would be appreciated.



Subject: RE: Source for Pieris shrub
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-May-02 04:17 PM EST

They're pretty easy to find. Sheridan Nurseries have them and so does Humber. The one with the bright new foliage is either 'Mountain Fire' or 'Forest Flame'. 'Brower's Beauty' has yellow new foliage. Mine are just plain Pieris japonica. The new foliage is sort of bronzy-green and then quickly turns dark green. They're great shrubs all year long. I find the foliage very attractive.

Subject: RE: Source for Pieris shrub
From: ana (
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-May-02 06:38 PM EST

Clare, they are easy to find. I got mine at Terra in Milton. I really love that place...especially for shrubs. If you are willing to wait tile end of June, they have a 50-70% off sale beginning then and continuing for weeks after. I have Forest Flame growing against a north facing fence. It got some winter kill the first year but this year it is doing swimmingly. It has white flowers and red new growth that slowly changes to pink. It is a slow grower where I have it. Home depot also sells some but you better get there quick because the plants tend to get a little rangy as the season progresses. Hope this helps....

Subject: RE: Source for Pieris shrub
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 23-May-02 08:16 AM EST

Sheridan's lists it for Zones 6 to 9, which tells me 6 would be bordeline for hardiness. Also, requires an ACID soil,( not acidic ! ); " a good contrast shrub for planting with Rhododendrons".Unless conditions in your area approximate these, my advice would be: BUYER BEWARE !

Subject: RE: Source for Pieris shrub
From: Greg
Zone: 6a
Date: 23-May-02 09:58 PM EST

I was just picking up some groceries at Loblaws and couldn't resist lurking in the garden centre. I noticed they had pieris japonica in 4" or 6" pots.

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