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Patrice19-May-02 05:23 PM EST 2b   
Julie20-May-02 10:21 PM EST 5b   
JoanneS21-May-02 04:24 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Rabbit and deer problem - help!
From: Patrice
Zone: 2b
Date: 19-May-02 05:23 PM EST

Here's the problem...Can anyone recommend a website that contains a list of plants that deer/elk and rabbits avoid? If not a website, can anyone recommend any annuals/perennials that have proven to be distasteful to these creatures. Please do not recommend "fencing" - this suggestion is not helpful considering I live on a 1/4 section of land.

Subject: RE: Rabbit and deer problem - help!
From: Julie
Zone: 5b
Date: 20-May-02 10:21 PM EST

Patrice - I had a problem with deer last year - they devoured 100+ of my tulip leaves, so I made it my project to find ways to fend them off and to familiarize myself with "deer proof plants". To find sites pertaining to this subject - go to and type in "deer proof plants" (Using the quotation marks too) - there are 120 sites to choose from! Deer will eat anything when they are hungry, so any plants listed as deer resistant are really at the bottom of their menu and worth considering if you are experiencing the problem Often times nibbles will be taken out of plants on the list, but could be by the fawn sampling the menu! Some common annuals that are deer proof are: ageratum/calendula/campanuls/impatients/Flanders field poppy/scabiosa/senecio. Perennials: agave/aloe/aster/astilbe/begonia, tuberous/bleeding heart/columbine/ cone flower/cranesbill/coreopsis/crocosmia/crocus/dahlia/dicentra/fortnight lily/ ferns/freesia/geranium/helleborus/Daylilly/iris/ixia/statice/lupine/mimulus/bee balm/heather/mint/sage/thyme/narcissus/poppy/phlox subulata/gloriosa daisy/thymus/verbena/veronica/ The deer didn't bother my tulips this year - either because we had a more open winter or because I sprayed their leafs with Ropel - a recommended spray to make them taste bitter! Hope this helps - I have a list of shrubs too, if you are interested in some of the common ones. There were several threads from last year on this site as well that discussed deer - just go under search for the last 365 days.

Subject: RE: Rabbit and deer problem - help!
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 21-May-02 04:24 PM EST

I feel I should own stock in this company; however, check out

They have a product that is a motion activated sprinkler. It works fabulous to keep cats away from my bird feeders and their information states it works for deer as well. You just set it higher. I got mine at Lee Valley Tools for $80.00.

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