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Toni18-May-02 09:07 AM EST 6a   
18-May-02 10:55 AM EST 8   
Carla19-May-02 12:41 PM EST 5b   
Sue19-May-02 07:06 PM EST 6a   
ambi21-May-02 01:56 PM EST 4b   
Marsha27-May-02 09:10 PM EST 5   

Subject: Agapanthus
From: Toni
Zone: 6a
Date: 18-May-02 09:07 AM EST

Hi, has anyone out there grown an Agapanthus. If so how did it go and what kind of conditions. Also where to find, I live in west Toronto and saw it 2 years ago at Home Depot (didn't buy it then)but this year they don't seem to have it. Thanks!

Subject: RE: Agapanthus
From: (
Zone: 8
Date: 18-May-02 10:55 AM EST

Agapanthus is a bulb usually grown in zone 8 and below in a container, as it seldom withstands winter cold. It's common name is Lilly of the Nile. I have no Idea where you can find it locally, since I am on the West Coast. I planted it in my Zone 8 garden a few years ago since I too had seen it and bought it in near bloom. I left it outside in a protected container for the winter and it didn.t make it through the winter so although beutiful I never did replace it. Not much help but answered what I could.

Subject: RE: Agapanthus
From: Carla
Zone: 5b
Date: 19-May-02 12:41 PM EST

I purchased my agapanthus (white and blue both) at the Canada blooms in 1999. The first year I kept it in a pot and wintered indoors. No blooms. In Patrick Lima's book, he says that he didn't get bloom in a pot either. So I did what he did and planted outside in my beds on the south side of my home. I mulched with leaves and bows from my Christmas tree and the next year had blooms from both plants. This year the spring has been cold and miserable but lo and behold when I poked around there were leaves coming up. So fingers crossed for an even better bloom than last year. I only put about 4 inches of leaves and then the boughs. It gets pretty wet and mushy (the mulch) but seems to do the trick. Hope this helps. Carla

Subject: RE: Agapanthus
From: Sue (
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-May-02 07:06 PM EST

Have my agapanthus in a pot - sounds like not a good idea! One has come up but not amazingly. Saw some today at Goodwood Gardens in Goodwood, just west of Uxbridge. They were huge, blooming, white and blue and gorgeous! I came home and threated mine - bloom or your in the ground - and it's darn cold out there! Unsure of the price. They are not long distance from T. O. so give them a call. They have a great nursery!! Worth the drive to Goodwood - Richter's Herbs are across the road too!

Subject: RE: Agapanthus
From: ambi
Zone: 4b
Date: 21-May-02 01:56 PM EST

I was given a lovely Agapanthus as a gift. At the time I was told I could put it in the water,(in it's pot,) of my little garden pond. It was happy there. In the Fall, I took it indoors where it completely died back - this is normal. Early in the Spring it sent up new shoots, I fertilized it and put it under lights. It has grown to about 2X last years' size. I hope to see those lovely flowers again.

Subject: RE: Agapanthus
From: Marsha
Zone: 5
Date: 27-May-02 09:10 PM EST

Hi, I bought 2 this Spring, a Peter Pan mini and the tall species. I had done some research on them and learned they absolutely love to be potbound, so much so that this is tied into their producing flowers! How weird. Anyway, yesterday I looked at my tall species bulb which I had stupidly potted in a large tall pot (thinking proportion) and pulled the bulb out and repotted it in a much smaller pot. Hope this helps. The "potbound" issue seems to be the key to promoting flowering. Also, in my Z5, these bulbs are not hardy and will need winter storage indoors. Good luck!

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