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AJ17-May-02 10:31 AM EST 5a   
Aisling19-May-02 10:52 PM EST   
Bob21-May-02 01:37 PM EST 3   

Subject: OK to plant herbs in veg. garden?
From: AJ
Zone: 5a
Date: 17-May-02 10:31 AM EST

I am building a 4'x6' raised bed in which I plant to plant a small amount of cukes, cherry tomatoes, and bush beans. (Only planning yield for 2 people.) I was thinking I'd also like to plant some herbs in this bed, like dill, chives, thyme, parsley. Would that work OK? Any suggestions on how to plant them? Thanks!

Subject: RE: Herb Garden
From: Aisling
Date: 19-May-02 10:52 PM EST

AJ, just remeber that you need to leave space to get in and harvest, I left myself a little short in that deparment last year. Herbs are great companions for veggies & flowers - the marigold trick kept my Tomatoes free from the aphid infestation too.

Plant from short to tall, so they all get light and leave some space for cherry toms to spread. If you are not using tomato cages then pinch branches once they have three sets of leaves. You should be able to overwinter the thyme if you protect it, some oregano will overwinter and try some lavender if you wish to do the herbs of provance thing. Best of Luck!

Subject: RE: Herb Garden
From: Bob
Zone: 3
Date: 21-May-02 01:37 PM EST

basil and tomatoes are old friends. They belong together.

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