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Virgie17-May-02 10:13 AM EST 3b   
Denise19-May-02 02:06 PM EST 5   
Jean13-May-05 06:29 AM EST 5a   
Chris16-May-05 09:25 AM EST 5a   
steve17-May-05 10:09 AM EST 4b   

Subject: Rhododendrums
From: Virgie
Zone: 3b
Date: 17-May-02 10:13 AM EST

I live in Calgary, and would love to plant a rhodo in my yard. Has anyone had success and could recommend a variety? Also, where can I purchase one in either Calgary or Edmonton? I have tried some local greenhouses with no luck.

Subject: RE: Rhododendrums
From: Denise
Zone: 5
Date: 19-May-02 02:06 PM EST

Hole's Greenhouse in St. Albert has a number of hardy rhodos, some of which are hardy to -41C, and they do mail order. Our zone varies and this has been a really late spring. I have ordered one, but it hasn't arrived yet so can't give any results. Hole's has a good reputation, though, so I'm not anticipating problems.

Subject: RE: Rhododendrums
From: Jean
Zone: 5a
Date: 13-May-05 06:29 AM EST

I planted my first Rhodo last fall. It is in a protected area but does not look to well. I am not sure how to look after the soil etc. for a rhodo. Need some help please.

Subject: RE: Rhododendrums
From: Chris
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-May-05 09:25 AM EST

In your area the large-leafed rhododendrons (the type you find in Vancouver)will probably not do well - it is simply too cold for the flower buds to survive. Very little can handle temps below -30C. You would have better luck with the small-leafed types such as the PJM family or the "April" series. If you want to try a large leafed one screen it from the winter sun.

Subject: RE: Rhododendrums
From: steve (
Zone: 4b
Date: 17-May-05 10:09 AM EST

i've several olga rhodies in my garden and they've all done well since put in. however, last winter a few suffered considerable desication from the sun. They are now blooming well and it looks as if new growth will be fine. Anyone else have experience w/ this? All the older burnt leaves have dropped off and the plant looks rather ragged. thanks

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