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Tidal Wave Petunia

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Olga11-May-02 09:55 AM EST 5a   
Sue12-May-02 09:05 AM EST 6a   
Julie12-May-02 01:01 PM EST 5b   
Northern Gardener 18-May-02 02:52 AM EST 3   
actondale20-May-02 05:01 PM EST 5   

Subject: Tidal Wave Petunia
From: Olga
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-May-02 09:55 AM EST

I asked my local retailer to get me some tidal wave petunias, which sounded gorgeous in the advertising, but the tray he received contains long, straggly-looking plants. Is this how they start out? I don't want to spend the money until I know, as I want to put in a large bed. Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Tidal Wave Petunia
From: Sue (
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-May-02 09:05 AM EST

Hi Olga: Sounds like they have been forced too much. The ones I got were bushy looking and I've been pinching them back to keep them branching out. Maybe check somewhere else before you purchase. This is my first year with them (I got the silver ones)and they are not straggly - looking at all. Sue

Subject: RE: Tidal Wave Petunia
From: Julie
Zone: 5b
Date: 12-May-02 01:01 PM EST

I had such good luck with wave petunias last year - the nursery I go too - Shaffners in Hammonds Plains, NS - recommended Surfinia and they were AWESOME! Just one plant completely filled a 10" pot. I also used Smart Cote, Hanging Basket Food - 14-14-14 - it is a controlled release professional fertilizer and just needs to be applied once in the spring and the rest takes care of itself to give you wonderful full blooms all season long!

Subject: RE: Tidal Wave Petunia
From: Northern Gardener (
Zone: 3
Date: 18-May-02 02:52 AM EST

Olga: The only thing wrong with your Tidal Wave Petunias is how quickly they've been growing & they're too close together in the greenhouse! Nothing to do at all with being 'forced'. All the aggressive growing petunias out-grow those 4" pots the greenhouses have them in so quickly that the plants begin to look as you described. Simply, they need a tidy-up and more room to spread.

Here's what to do: * give each branch of the plants a 'haircut'. Trim them back by 1/3, cutting just above a leaf joint. Don't worry about losing blooms...the haircut will make your plants bushier & give you more flowers. * give them a shot of fertilizer, 15-30-15 is what I use, at FULL strength. * when transplanting, use either Root Booster or 10-52-10 fertilizer.

Julie's suggestion of using SmartCote is excellent! Because these petunias are so vigorous & prolific, I also use 15-30-15 once per week at full strength in addition to SmartCote.

If any of these aggressive-growing plants get leggy mid-season, repeat the haircut routine.

Plant Tidal Waves close together in the ground to form a flowering 'hedge'. Like Julie, prefer 'Surfinia' and 'Supertunias' in containers over the 'Waves'.

Subject: RE: Tidal Wave Petunia
From: actondale
Zone: 5
Date: 20-May-02 05:01 PM EST

I have grown the "WAVE" variety for the past 6 years...they are prolific--they are heavy feeders, but a wonderful in beds or containers. I purchase mine from a small greenhouse,and they just take right off.

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