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Growing Gloxinias

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sandy09-May-02 04:41 PM EST 3b   
Nancy10-May-02 04:55 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Growing Gloxinias
From: sandy
Zone: 3b
Date: 09-May-02 04:41 PM EST

I was wondering if this is an outdoors plant or houseplant. What are the growing conditions required for this plant?

Subject: RE: Growing Gloxinias
From: Nancy
Zone: 5b
Date: 10-May-02 04:55 PM EST

Gloxinias are in the gesneriad family, cousins of the African violet. They are indoor houseplants and should be treated similar to African violets, ie. bright, indirect light, frequent feedings of fertilizer similar to Peter's 15-30-15, 1/4 teaspoon fertilizer to one gallon warm water, feed about every 7-10 days depending upon your environment. Use African violet soil mix. In fact all rules about Av's apply to the Gloxinias. I don't know if you should put them outdoors; I wouldn't. Nancy

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