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Power raking lawns

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Sheila 08-May-02 09:30 PM EST 3a   
Nancy Robitaille10-May-02 04:59 PM EST 5b   
alnoro11-May-02 02:26 AM EST 8   

Subject: Power raking lawns
From: Sheila
Zone: 3a
Date: 08-May-02 09:30 PM EST

We did extensive top dressing on both our back and front lawns last summer. We're wondering if it would be a good idea to power rake this year. Would it damage the new grass? We would appreciate any suggestions.

Subject: RE: Power raking lawns
From: Nancy Robitaille
Zone: 5b
Date: 10-May-02 04:59 PM EST

Not sure what you mean by the term "power rake". Just raking up the dead grass will liven it up a bit.

Subject: RE: Power raking lawns
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 11-May-02 02:26 AM EST

althought we are in very diverse zones and I am by no means an expert on power raking i would highly reccomend theat you did not go ahead with power raking at this time. Firstly. our b.c. lawns are just now mature dry enough to power rake. I would assume your lawn has had less growth this spring. If you power rake a virtually new lawn you may dammage a lot of the new root system. the build up of thatch that you would be addressing would seem minimal for such a new lawn. power raking is not something i would attempt on a yearly basis on a recently established lawn unlsee there wes use of a mulching lawnmower that left too much debris behind. In my humble oppinion ther isn't enough tight(choking) root system to necessitate this action this year. If you have ever done a power rakeing it can be(although very bennificial to some more established lawns I feel you are being premature. but why not search our past links and find if there is an educated answer to tis question Happy gardening

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