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Serious Grub infestation

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Kathy 04-May-02 08:16 AM EST 5a   
Susan05-May-02 10:59 AM EST 6a   
DAVE05-May-02 04:01 PM EST   

Subject: Serious Grub infestation
From: Kathy
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-May-02 08:16 AM EST

I've been told that "Merit" is a very effective control for grubs is this true?I have a really bad infestation.

Subject: RE: Serious Grub infestation
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 05-May-02 10:59 AM EST

I don't know about 'Merit' but, a few years ago, I read that leaving your grass clippings on the lawn helps control the grubs somehow. We stopped using the bag on the lawnmower to collect the grass clippings and we've not had a serious grub problem since....

Subject: RE: Serious Grub infestation
From: DAVE
Date: 05-May-02 04:01 PM EST

I don't know about Merit either but our local paper just carried an article about using pesticides. While the pesticide breaks down in nature (about 48 hours after application) any pesticide tracked into your house by kids/dogs etc. will stay there for very long times and this may cause serious health problems to your family. Think twice before appying pesticides to your lawn.

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