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Mountain Expressions02-May-02 12:58 PM EST 3   
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Subject: Mountain Gardening
From: Mountain Expressions
Zone: 3
Date: 02-May-02 12:58 PM EST

I live in Northern Colorado and have a die hard passion for gardening despite the mountain elements here- short summers, wind... Many joke that the only thing one can grown here are "frozen veggies"!!

I would love to visit with other gardeners who tackle the elements in zone 2 and 3 to fulfill their gardening passion!

Subject: RE: Mountain Gardening
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 02-May-02 02:13 PM EST

Hello from up north. Now is that a U.S. garden zone or a Canadian garden zone. Apparently, there is a difference. I have relatives who live in the Loveland area, but not the ski resort. Believe it or not, we are still struggling with a particularly nasty, long-drawn-out winter here. Today, and yesterday were nice, but we could wake up to more snow tomorrow.

Gardening in the north is a challenge, but when I think I have it bad, I re-read an article on gardening in the Yukon, and I don't feel restricted at all.

Despite the long winters and short summers, we do get a good growing season because our summer days are very long. In our gardens today, plants are starting to come up, despite the cold. My blue himalyan poppies are about two inches up, but most everything else is just starting to stick out of the ground.

I'm going to skip out of the office this afternoon and get some yard clean up done while the weather is nice. Hopefully, this is the last blast we get until the fall.

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