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Mountain Exprssions02-May-02 01:04 PM EST 3   
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Paula06-May-02 08:59 PM EST 2b   

Subject: no-till gardening
From: Paula Cote (
Zone: 2b
Date: 01-May-02 11:20 PM EST

I am going to a no-till gardening method this year. I could use any suggestions from anyone who is using this method. Garden planning, width of rows, etc.

Subject: RE: no-till gardening
Date: 02-May-02 07:11 AM EST

I'm certainly no expert; but two weeks ago, I had a large area of pavement removed, making my driveway smaller and my garden larger. The ground underneath the pavement was virtually useless. I didn't want to remove inches of this, so I built it up. First, I laid a blanket of landscaping fabric just in case any weeds were lurking. Then, I laid a 3" layer of "mulch/compost" which I had been saving all winter. Mostly a mixture of leaves, manure, seaweed, lime, and peat moss. On top of that, I laid 8" of topsoil/manure mixture. then, on top of that I laid another 2" layer of the old leaves, compost mixture. Now, I am starting to plant right into all of this.

Subject: RE: no-till gardening
From: Mountain Exprssions
Zone: 3
Date: 02-May-02 01:04 PM EST

"Lasgana Gardening" is a wonderful text with a multitude of information regarding no-till gardening! I began using this technique a few years ago because of the abundance of organic matter I have available! I also have a pasture of rocks for my yard and garden area and I hate to till up rocks every year! I stongly suggest this text book- you build on each layer as often as you like variating layers of green and dry matter. This is very healthy and a great way to use up your garden waste!

Subject: RE: no-till gardening
From: Bob
Zone: 3
Date: 06-May-02 09:06 AM EST

My backyard was used to park junk cars on for a number of years and was so compact that I didn't even consider digging. Instead,I created 2 raised beds by using layers and layers of newspaper and then new soil, compost and mulch. Today, the soil is healthy and alive. I add compost and this yera will use a mixture of white and red clover as a living mulch for one bed and plant my cutflowers garden through that. There is an excellent video on design and no-till. It is called The Mandala Garden and is by Robyn Francis. It is Australian but the concepts work here.

Subject: RE: no-till gardening
From: Paula (
Zone: 2b
Date: 06-May-02 08:59 PM EST

Thank-You Bob

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