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Growing Perennials

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sandy01-May-02 12:22 PM EST 3b   
Linda01-May-02 10:59 PM EST 2a   
sheenagirl04-Jul-04 04:10 PM EST 3a   
patricia04-Jul-04 06:29 PM EST 5   

Subject: Growing Perennials
From: sandy
Zone: 3b
Date: 01-May-02 12:22 PM EST

I have some perennials started from seed. Pinks, Carnations, Lewsia and Delpheniums. Should these plants be pinched back to promote lateral growth. Is there some info available on starting and growing perennials. what there requirements are. The Delpheniums are not doing anything yet, I put them into the fridge, covered in plastic.

Subject: RE: Growing Perennials
From: Linda
Zone: 2a
Date: 01-May-02 10:59 PM EST

I have started many perennials from seed. If you are looking for unusual perennials this can be a great idea. Instructions on perennial packages are very important. As you mentioned above - some need cold periods etc. before they will grow. Once they are up treat then the same as annuals. The Devonian Gardens by edmonton have their cat. on line. Each package is 1.50.

Subject: RE: Growing Perennials
From: sheenagirl (
Zone: 3a
Date: 04-Jul-04 04:10 PM EST

I am going to try to grown carnations in my cottage garden. We do get a lot of snow and are zone 3-4. Any hints

Subject: RE: Growing Perennials
From: patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 04-Jul-04 06:29 PM EST

About growing perennials from seed: while some types will bloom the first year, most will simply grow the first year and bloom the second. A few types will take a few years until they bloom for the first time, for example, I think I waited about 4 years before "Asclepias tuberosa" (a type of fancy milkweed) bloomed the first time in our garden. I don't think that you need to pinch to encourage lateral growth, most perennials seem to do fine on their own.

My best advice would be to search on Google "growing perennials from seed" and you will find all kinds of valuable info.

Good luck, it is a great source of pride to have perennials in your garden that you have grown yourself from seed.

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