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Alnoro30-Apr-02 06:29 AM EST 8   
DAVE01-May-02 04:41 AM EST   
marg01-May-02 09:26 AM EST 5b   
alnoro01-May-02 10:31 AM EST 8   
marg02-May-02 09:31 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Wildflowers
From: Alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 30-Apr-02 06:29 AM EST

I have a large wishing well in my garden.It is in Part shade and because of the roof it doesn't get as much water as it should. It is WELL drained soil and doesn't retain water well. I was reading a packet of Wildflower seeds and thought maybe this might be the answer for what to put in there. Any thoughts or ideas?

Subject: RE: Wildflowers
From: DAVE
Date: 01-May-02 04:41 AM EST

If the seeds are from native plants they should be drought tolerant. If your spot won't support wildflowers then maybe try cactus?

Subject: RE: Wildflowers
From: marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-May-02 09:26 AM EST

Is the well in sun or shade? If it is in shade, try coleous or shade loving impatiens. Also since the well does not get very much rain water, try adding polymer crystals (water retaining crystals) to the soil. You could also buy some moss, soak it and cover the exposed soil with that. Another idea would be to plant some hanging plants in it. They would hang down the sides. I think that would look nice. Hope this gives you some ideas. marg

Subject: RE: Wildflowers
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 01-May-02 10:31 AM EST

thanks Dave,Marg. The site is medium shade.Again because of the roof It gets lots of light but not much direct sun. M I did put polymere crystals in and hope that they help.Since I hope to plant seeds, a mulch is not possible at this stage although if the plants grow well I may be able to add something like the moss later.

I didn't think coleus or impatients were drought tollerant but I'll look them up. I have some ivy and lamium hanging over the sides. Are ther any other ideas for hanging plants? Part shade and drought tollerant. I don't think I can buy cactus large enough to show well. They don't grow outside in the pacific northwest and are usually just a small house plant. thanks guys.

Subject: RE: Wildflowers
From: marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-May-02 09:31 AM EST

Good morning. I grow my impatiens and coleous in the shade of a large maple tree. They are under the canopy, don't get much sun and I don't water them that much. They seem to be doing alright. Plants that are drought tolerant would be portulaca, dahlberg daisy, bidens, salvias and herbs. Both the Dahlberg Daisy and Bidens are trailing plants that have yellow daisy like flowers. The Thymes are nice plants. They also form a mat and cool the ground. Mine is planted at the base of a clematis. Oregano also forms a nice mat. You could make a nice herb garden in there. I've never grown salvias but there are lots to choose from and I've heard that they are drought tolerant. Hope this helps some. marg

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