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Wendy26-Apr-02 12:43 PM EST 3a   
Wendy29-Apr-02 10:58 AM EST 3a   
Joanna30-Apr-02 02:52 PM EST 5b   
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shanewatson70912-May-11 03:38 AM EST   

Subject: Willow for furniture????
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Apr-02 12:43 PM EST

I am wondering what kind of willow is used for making furniture? I am keen to grow and try my hand at the craft. thanks to anyone who is in the know. Also does anyone advise on a good willow funiture 101 that would be good to have on hand? Thanks Wendy

Subject: RE: Willow for chairs????
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-Apr-02 10:58 AM EST

Just thought I would get my question on the front list again. Perhaps this type of willow does not grow in the Edmonton Area. I sure would love to know what type of willow it is and where I can get some. Thanks Wendy

Subject: RE: Willow for chairs????
From: Joanna (
Zone: 5b
Date: 30-Apr-02 02:52 PM EST

Wendy, I was Told buy a man that makes willow furniture that the willow used for this craft was the species of willow that grows in swampy areas or very wet locations. hope I could help.

Subject: RE: Willow for chairs????
From: peggy
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Apr-02 09:44 PM EST

Wendy the correct willow is abundant in the Edmonton area . I'd highly recommend taking a course vs using a reference guide. I bought several pieces from Winsor Willows & friends have taken his courses & made exactly the things that he sells. Graham the owner is in the forces so course availability depends on his posting. I wish I could find his address (lost in the chaos) but he lives in Namao or you could probably locate him through the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce as he's been a regular exhibitor at the summer Farmers Market.Hope this helps

Subject: RE: Willow for chairs????
From: shanewatson709
Date: 12-May-11 03:38 AM EST

Hi, Thanks for all the information regarding willow furniture guys. I was looking to buy some and I think your ideas will be of great use. :)

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