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Debi24-Apr-02 03:32 PM EST 3a   
alnoro24-Apr-02 11:49 PM EST 8   
debi26-Apr-02 10:32 AM EST 3a   

Subject: Narzissus & other important questions
From: Debi
Zone: 3a
Date: 24-Apr-02 03:32 PM EST


I hope that i have made correct selection of my zone. To be specific, i live in MI.

1] I bought a Narzissus which is now in a 2" diameter pot. The tag says that the tree can be planted outside in full sun. Will it be wise to plant a tree in full sun when it is habituated with the glass-house atmosphere? I'm afraid that it may die. Please suggest.

2] The tag in the newly bought Bromeliac says to water in the cup. The problem is that, the cup still has water in the lower level while the soil is totally dry. Should i water it right away?

3] I placed a newly bought Anthurium(Flamingo Flower) on a tool beside a window(at least one hand distance). It gets the morning sun from there. I have also placed it on mist tray. Will these harm it in any way ?

4] My Palm tree is having yellow strips in its leaves and also yellowish edges on leaves. Why is this happening? What is the remedy ?

5] My Peace Lily tree is having lot and lot more leaves everyday, but no flower. Now, it is in a 10" pot. Is there any specific fertilizer/ food to use? I use Osmocote to it and the Palm tree.

6] Is Osmocote appropriate for all the above trees along with the foliages? Should i use any fertilizer/ food along or instead of that?


I'll be grateful for the help.

Thanks, Regards, Debi.

Subject: RE: Narzissus & other important questions
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 24-Apr-02 11:49 PM EST

Dear Debi Although I don't have any real answers for you i would like to suggest Mark Cullen's site. He has a gardening program on tv and has a question section on his site. I pesonally haven't even heard of most of the plants you mention. and where is ML? this is a great site hope you enjoy it .

Subject: RE: Narzissus & other important questions
From: debi
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Apr-02 10:32 AM EST

Hi Alnoro,

Thanks for providing the information. I have visited the site u mentioned and sent questions to Mark. Hope he finds time to reply. U can find all the trees i mentioned in any nursery. I'm surprised that nobody in this forum replied to any of my questions, it never happened before. Anyway, i live in MI(not ML)= Michigan.

Thanks, Regards, debi.

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