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Stone in Flower Beds

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20-Apr-02 11:10 AM EST 6b   
Greg21-Apr-02 01:42 AM EST 6a   
Brian21-Apr-02 07:30 PM EST 3   

Subject: Stone in Flower Beds
Zone: 6b
Date: 20-Apr-02 11:10 AM EST

I want to put stone (pea or some other small, round stone) in my flower beds. Will this keep the weeds down an still let the various flowers and plants that I have coming up during the different seasons? I was told that 4 inces would keep the weeds down but won't that also keep the flowers down? Any other ideas besides mulsh or stone for the flower beds?

Subject: RE: Stone in Flower Beds
From: Greg
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-Apr-02 01:42 AM EST

I suppose the pea gravel could be used as a mulch. However, when you need to work the soil it would be a bit messy trying to separate it from the soil. It's hard enough with bark, wood chips and other "mulches" that don't break down. I still think that leaf mold or compost is the best mulch.

Subject: RE: Stone in Flower Beds
From: Brian
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Apr-02 07:30 PM EST

You would want to lay down some landscape fabric before you put down the stone. The fabric will stop most weeds from growing through. Where you want to plant your flowers etc, just cut an X where you want to plant & plact the plants through the hole the X makes., You can do this after you have laid don the fabric & have covered it with the stone. Just brush aside the stone, then cut the X & plant.

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