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Lori19-Apr-02 12:37 PM EST
Susan19-Apr-02 05:05 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Community Garden
From: Lori
Date: 19-Apr-02 12:37 PM EST

ICanGarden: Summer 2000: read this article off/through your site: "Guide to Community Garden Success". Any way to get this info again? or something similar.....

Subject: RE: Community Garden
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Apr-02 05:05 PM EST

Can you tell me more information about it? (I've been searching the archives and don't see anything with that name...) Was the article the Guide or did it just refer to it? Do you have a copy of the article? - was there a specific author? Does it relate to Plant a Row - Grow a Row? Or does it refer to the FoodShare Comunity Gardening Manual? This is from the FoodShare web site:

Community Gardening Manual

You can also purchase the comprehensive community gardening manual "How Does Our Garden Grow? A Guide To Community Garden Success", published by FoodShare, with a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health. The manual addresses various aspects of community organizing including fundraising, organizational structure, leadership, suggested rules and regulations for peaceful co-existence among gardeners, site acquisition and site selection, as well as site design, maintenance guidelines, tools and equipment, gardening with children and for people with disabilities. Appendices provide horticultural information, composting and soil testing fact sheets and reference and resource lists. Detailed "month by month" sections provide succinct startup information for any community garden, regardless of location. Cost: $25. To order, contact

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