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Does companion planting work?

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Rachel18-Apr-02 02:48 PM EST 6b   
JoanneS18-Apr-02 04:11 PM EST 3a   
22-Apr-02 01:21 AM EST 3   
Carol22-Apr-02 10:59 AM EST 5a   
janis24-Apr-02 12:05 PM EST 3a   
Dan28-Apr-02 10:52 AM EST   
Wendy29-Apr-02 11:28 AM EST 3a   
bruce01-May-02 03:28 AM EST 3   
Bob03-May-02 09:12 AM EST 3   

Subject: Does companion planting work?
From: Rachel
Zone: 6b
Date: 18-Apr-02 02:48 PM EST

Has anyone had any luck with companion planting marigolds with their vegetables as an insect repellant? All they the gardening books say it works, yet the gardeners I've spoken to haven't noticed any difference. Also, I'd like to try planting nasturtiums to detract aphids. Has anyone tried this?

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: JoanneS
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Apr-02 04:11 PM EST

Rachel, the only companion planting I've tried is garlic and roses and it works well for me.

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: (
Zone: 3
Date: 22-Apr-02 01:21 AM EST

Companion planting works and goes far beyond marigolds, usually around the perimeter, in the veggie garden as an insect repellant. (actually an insect deterrant). Nothing wrong with adding some bright colours to the veggie patch!

Try this veggie garden plan: potatoes, broad beans, green & yellow beans, carrots, tomatoes, beets, lettuce, cabbage. Rotate crops every year and never plant potatoes & tomatoes in eachother's soil as they attract similar types of deseases.

Companion planting is something gardeners have been doing for hundreds of years. There is a lot of science and truth to 'thee old ways'.

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Apr-02 10:59 AM EST

I had some dill self seed and just let it go, it attracted a ton of catipillers, they loved it. I don't know if it kept other insects away, but I had a lot of well fed catapillers. I didn't notice them the year I planted the dill, only when it seeded itself. Carol

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: janis
Zone: 3a
Date: 24-Apr-02 12:05 PM EST

Iplanted vanilla marigolds last year in large pot and put them right by my tomato vines. They had lots of tomatoes with no marks or scabbing. I also planted dill on the top of my strawberry pots which deterred all the catapillars. from eating other plants. I found grouping marigolds around in the garden not only compliment it but keep a lot of bugs out.

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: Dan
Date: 28-Apr-02 10:52 AM EST

Hi Rachel, You bet companion gardening works. Like northergardener says, combine with rotation to get the best results from your veggies. My experience with marigolds as a deterrent didn't meet with success for the first few years. The earwigs would munch them to death; sort of like an ambrosia to them. However, one year I had a whack of extra marigolds left, (Sunday school project leftovers) and I replanted the same area after the first batch had been munched. I don't know if it was the second generation of earwigs or if it was the original set that had had their fill but the marigolds were left alone and so were the encompassed veggies. In other places of the yard earwigs were still in abundance. Joannes will like this. there is a book on the market called Roses love Garlic, it might be a Rodale book, that is excellent.

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-Apr-02 11:28 AM EST

How will the marigold keep the bugs away for other flowers....does it work the same way. I get some kind of bug on my delphiniums every year and they look terrible for awhile and they never look as good as they should. Don't know what the bug is and ideas? I will start planting garlic beside my roses. Does anyone know when to plant it?

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: bruce (
Zone: 3
Date: 01-May-02 03:28 AM EST

Plant your garlic in the fall.I use Nasturtium and Marigolds in my garden with some success. The flea beetles still attack the cabbage and the potatoe bugs are always around. Another predator problem i have is deer. They love to eat the Marigolds and Nasturtiums. I love the Nasturtiums in a salad so there is competition for them. I also plan to introduce a lot of other flowers to the veggie patch this year to attract beneficial insects.

Subject: RE: Does companion planting work?
From: Bob
Zone: 3
Date: 03-May-02 09:12 AM EST

I have had considerable success with companion planting. last year i tried the 3 sisters corn, beans and squash and the yield was impressive. here is a good site for companion planting information:

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