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ana05-Apr-02 05:44 PM EST 6a   
Ian05-Apr-02 07:27 PM EST 5b   
ron05-Apr-02 09:39 PM EST 6   

Subject: companion shrub for roses
From: ana
Zone: 6a
Date: 05-Apr-02 05:44 PM EST

I am thinking about planting either a butterfly bush or a hydrangea between two rose bushes in my front garden. The roses are healthy and happy--for now. The roses are already sharing space with lavender, crocus, iris retculata, thyme and perennial geraniums . Am I just courting trouble?

Subject: RE: companion shrub for roses
From: Ian
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-Apr-02 07:27 PM EST

Hi Ana,

You might be courting trouble. The 2 bushes you describe will eventually grow and crowd the roses. Also they may add to the humidity around your roses, making them more susceptable to "Black spot". I would recommend putting another rose bush, perhaps a different colour or height to fill in the bare spot or even try Oriental Lilies......they are stunning with roses. Good luck Ian

Subject: RE: companion shrub for roses
From: ron
Zone: 6
Date: 05-Apr-02 09:39 PM EST

If I can make a suggestion, Ana, I've seen the tree form of Rose of Sharon among roses and I thought that they looked perfect together. It's tree form shouldn't cause a problem with air circulation through your rose bushes, since its mass will most likely be above your roses.

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