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Annette04-Apr-02 09:38 AM EST 5b   
Susan04-Apr-02 08:18 PM EST 6a   
Annette04-Apr-02 08:25 PM EST   

Subject: houseplant websites??
From: Annette
Zone: 5b
Date: 04-Apr-02 09:38 AM EST

I've had a wonderful basket of a variety of plants given to me. I'm trying to research as much as possible about each one before seperating and repotting. I'd love a site with pictures so I can make sure I've identified them correctly, and growing care. From my own plant book I've located a couple, like Caladum Candidum, Dieffenbachia, Aechynanthus radicans-or Lipstick Plant, Schefflea arboricola,Maranta kerchoeviana, and there are others I haven't yet identified. Any help with houseplant sites or plant information would be wonderful and appreciated..*S*..

Subject: RE: houseplant websites??
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Apr-02 08:18 PM EST

You could try the Better Homes and Garden A-Z of houseplants at:

You sort of need to know what you're looking for though or start clicking on names to see the pictures.

Subject: RE: houseplant websites??
From: Annette
Date: 04-Apr-02 08:25 PM EST

Thank you Susan, looks like a good site...

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