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Carol31-Mar-02 10:55 AM EST 5a   
Will Creed, Horticulturist31-Mar-02 08:24 PM EST   
Carol31-Mar-02 11:46 PM EST 5a   
Bernice22-Apr-04 05:38 PM EST 7   
margit15-Apr-07 03:20 AM EST 7a   

Subject: jasmine blooms?
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 31-Mar-02 10:55 AM EST

I have a jasmine, I have only had it about a month. I know it is supposed to bloom but do I need to do anything to make it happen? Carol

Subject: RE: jasmine blooms?
From: Will Creed, Horticulturist
Date: 31-Mar-02 08:24 PM EST

Light: Lots of bright light, but protect it from hot direct sunlight in midday. Right in an east window is best. Outside on a porch in the warmer months is also good.

Air and temperature: Jasmine does best in fresh air with good circulation. Indoors an open window in the warmer months is good or near a fan that circulates the air. The best temperature range is 60 to 75 degrees, although it will tolerate 50 to 85 degrees.

Watering: Water thoroughly as soon as the soil is dry down about a half inch. Jasmine does not tolerate watering lapses very well. Leaves discolor quickly if the soil is kept moist for too long or allowed to get a bit too dry.

Potting: If you have a blooming sized jasmine it will rarely, if ever need repotting. The roots must be quite potbound for jasmine to bloom. Repot only if the plant dries out within 2 to 3 days following a thorough watering.

Fertilizer: Use a 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer at half strength and only when the plant is healthy and putting out new growth.

Humidity: High humidity is not essential, but it helps.

Pests: Jasmine is a magnet for spider mites. Few jasmine plants escape periodic mite infestations. Check the undersides of leaves regularly for signs of mites and treat promptly and thoroughly with a soap and water spray.

Blooms: Jasmine usually bloom in January. Normally jasmine is cut way back to half its size following a winter bloom and then new growth is kept pinched back to promote fullness until August. Keep the soil moist and fertilize regularly when it is putting out new growth. In August, discontinue the pinching In October; give it completely dark nights and cool temps (40 to 50 degrees) to promote January bloom. Keep the soil a bit more on the dry side and provide lots of sun during the day. It is usually recommended that you do this for 6 to 8 weeks. This will help set the buds. After that normal room temperatures and a sunny window will suffice. This is a difficult regimen to provide. If you can only do this for a few weeks, it is better than not at all. If you cannot do it at all, your plant will remain healthy but it may not bloom quite as much. In any case do not fertilize during the winter months. In the late winter or early spring, prune the entire plant back by half. New growth will soon emerge. Flowers appear only on new growth.

Subject: RE: jasmine blooms?
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 31-Mar-02 11:46 PM EST

Oh my god, that is so much to remember! I just fertilized it with a 20-20-20 at regular strength, although I didn't soak it through like I did my fiscus benji. When I bought it last month the store repotted it for me. I think my location is ok, it is at the front enterance where it is very bright but not in direct sunlight, and it does get good air circulation there. I have been watering it pretty well every two or three days, when it seemed to be drying but still slightly damp. But are you saying I have to cut it back every year, I can't just let it keep growing so I can have it trailing all around the walls of my front hall? Carol

Subject: RE: jasmine blooms?
From: Bernice
Zone: 7
Date: 22-Apr-04 05:38 PM EST

I was given some seeds, in pods, from a night blooming jasmine tree growing in Miami, Fl. If I plant them in a pot, will they grow and give flowers? I live in West Central Florida, Zone 7. Thanks for any info. Bernice

Subject: RE: jasmine blooms?
From: margit
Zone: 7a
Date: 15-Apr-07 03:20 AM EST

excuse my ignorance; but does a jasmine tree stay in a pot? can it be planted?

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