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Alex26-Mar-02 06:46 PM EST 3a   
Carol27-Mar-02 12:30 AM EST 4a   
Ed27-Mar-02 10:52 AM EST 5b   
leh27-Mar-02 01:40 PM EST 2b   
JoanneS27-Mar-02 02:00 PM EST 3a   
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Subject: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: Alex
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Mar-02 06:46 PM EST

Well, I don't know about the rest of you gardeners in Edmonton but I can't wait to get out there. The last couple of days hold such promise. This evening I plan to plant (indoors!) some asters, night stock, perhaps some nigella and...would ornamental cabbages work??? Anyone other Edmontonians chomping a the bit??

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: Carol
Zone: 4a
Date: 27-Mar-02 12:30 AM EST

Hi Alex, I can't say about the rest of Edmonton, but I am definitely raring over here in Cambridge Ontario! In Cambridge it looks like xmas...we just got a load of snow. Pretty in it's own way, but it sure keeps me out of the garden. Carol

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Mar-02 10:52 AM EST

Hi Alex and Carol, moving still farther east, all Athens,Ont. gardeners raring ?Well, we just might be the raringest of all ! And Alex, of course ornamental cabbages would work, though perhaps a bit early to get them started. Athens who ???

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: leh
Zone: 2b
Date: 27-Mar-02 01:40 PM EST

I hear you Alex!!! I and a couple dedicated gardeners (oh well, you may as well say garden adicts) are planning a trip to Edmonton and area greenhouses, centres etc. Besides the biggies (Greenland, Salisbury, Hole's, Kulhmans, Downtown Farmers' Market) what other places would you suggest that we visit. I know that there are several, along Hwy. #15 (i.e.the Root Seller). Any other favorites you'd like to suggest? Do you know where Parkland Perennials is? Do you know where Stan Thompson's Greenhouse is? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: JoanneS
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Mar-02 02:00 PM EST

Alex, Edmonton here. After the horrendously cold March we've had (the coldest on record, apparently), the last few days of warmth and sunshine are such a welcome reward.

Not only am I rarin' to go, but before the cold snap in March, 3 of my daffodils were poking their heads through the ground. Everything covered in white right now, but if this warm weather continues, won't be long.

I've got my bird feeders filled and in place, my front porch cleaned for sitting, and my list of plants ready.


Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: George Griffin
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Mar-02 03:23 PM EST

Farther East still. In mOncton. Chomping at the bit like an old sugar camp horse on the first day out.Had a meeting with the Hort club last night and it was packed to the rafters.We are having heavy rains today.....much welcomed with a good layer of snow to help it soak in as all the frost is now out of the grond. I'll be starting a ton of seed soon. Lots of cuttings over wintered from Last year to hold me over. tommorrow evening I am giving a presentation on home gardening to 60 people at the local library. Lots of eye candy ( Slides ) to soothe the savage gardening soul. I think it's going to be a banner year for the diggers and movers. Happy spring. Here's a little poem for you.

The Little Rain

Oh she is good, the little rain and well she knows our need who commeth in the time of spring to aide the sun drawn seed. She wanders with a friendly wind through silent nights unseen, the furrows feel her happy tears and lo the land is green. Last night cloud shadows gloomed the path that leads to my abode and the torches of the riverboats like angry meteors glowed. Today, fresh colors break the soil and butterflies take wing. Last night cloud shadows gloomed the path in the garden of the king

Tu Fu, A.D.712-770 China

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: Alex
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Mar-02 11:54 PM EST

Hi Leh, sounds as if you and your friends are visiting for a week not a day trip. I don't know about S.Thompsons. Parklands is apparently in Spruce Grove tel403-963-7307. I found some references to Parkland under Google - nice pictures. For a garden interest store I love the Wildbird General Store 4712-99St. They also have a web site. Have fun.

Subject: RE: Raring to go in Edmonton
From: Northern Gardener
Zone: 3
Date: 05-Apr-02 11:03 PM EST

5 April 20002

leh: Agree with previous poster, one day is not enough! You'll need one day for Greenland alone! While at Greenland, venture out south on Highway 21 to Aspen Ridge Greenhouses 464-5527 (call for opening date), about 1 mile or so south of Wye road. Their specialty: containers. Love what they offer!! This will be their 4th season, I think.

While at Alex's suggestion, Wildbird General Store, drive a bit further south to Arch Greenhouses 3151-97 Street. Both are worth seeing.

Stan Thompson's place is in the Chipman area, located on Range Road 182. Check his web-site: for directions.

As for raring to go...let's get those temperatures above zero and into +15*C and warmer!!! Enough freezing weather, thank-you. NG

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