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Cate Christmas24-Mar-02 12:10 PM EST 5b   
Susan24-Mar-02 03:25 PM EST 6a   
Aileen24-Mar-02 05:31 PM EST 6a   
Sue24-Mar-02 09:55 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Garden Design Sites?
From: Cate Christmas
Zone: 5b
Date: 24-Mar-02 12:10 PM EST

Does anyone know of sites that help a novice design a garden for their particular zone?

Subject: RE: Garden Design Sites?
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-Mar-02 03:25 PM EST

Are you looking for something to help you select plants or for something to help you design the layout of the garden?

If it's the first you're looking for, the Heritage Perennials web site Advanced Search function is really handy. It allows you to select your zone (uses USDA zones - your USDA zone is likely 4 although you'd probably be able to grow many things listed as zone 5...), light available, moisture, soil type, desired plant size, bloom color and time and so on. It will then return a list of possible plants and you can click on the plants listed to see pictures and more details. It's a very useful site. It's at:

If you want help in designing the garden itself, you might be best off with a book unless you're just looking for pre-packaged flower bed designs, in which case go to a good local garden centre and they should have some. A good, easy-to-understand/follow book on the topic is Designing Your Gardens and Landscapes by Janet Macunovich:

Subject: RE: Garden Design Sites?
From: Aileen
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-Mar-02 05:31 PM EST

Better Homes and Gardens website has a fabulous "plan series". So good, I have it bookmarked. There are at least 35 or 40 pre-designed site with lists of plants to get "look".

Subject: RE: Garden Design Sites?
From: Sue
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-Mar-02 09:55 PM EST

Thanks Aileen for the bhg website info. Just ran off plan for butterfly garden - it's great! Thanks Sue

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