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merwin21-Mar-02 06:09 PM EST 6a   
Ian21-Mar-02 07:41 PM EST 5b   
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Dee22-Mar-02 08:07 AM EST 5a   
Mary Dancey22-Mar-02 03:01 PM EST   

Subject: when do I plant garlic?
From: merwin
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-Mar-02 06:09 PM EST

I have been told to plant it in the fall & in the spring. So when do I plant it?

Subject: RE: when do I plant garlic?
From: Ian
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Mar-02 07:41 PM EST

Hey Merwin,

Planting garlic in the fall, gives it a good head start.If you do, then you can harvest it early in July. If you didn't plant it last fall, then plant out the cloves in early spring. Harvest when the leaves turn yellow. Ian

Subject: RE: when do I plant garlic?
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 22-Mar-02 01:02 AM EST

Traditonally garlic is planted in early fall so it can actually start to grow before winter sets in. It will continue to grow as long as the soil is warm and it does not freeze. After it is planted you should put a layer of sawdust over in about three inches deep. It will probably grow through this but don't worry as it will shut down when it gets cold. In the spring when new growth appears pull back the sawdust and keep it well watered. You don't want to harvest it until the top growth has formed a circle and comes back around to meet the main stock. You will find that the cloves will be stronger if you do this. Hope this helps you.

Subject: RE: when do I plant garlic?
From: Dee
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Mar-02 08:07 AM EST

I purchased established garlic plants in pots last Spring from the local garden club sale, planted them, then realized I had no idea how to recognize when they could be harvested. I'm assuming the bundles of cloves grow underground. I did get a couple of magnificent flower heads. Arne, I'm not sure what you mean by the top growth forming a circle and coming back around to the main stock. Could someone enlighten me on the care and feeding of garlic plants, please? Are they annual or perennial - will the ones I have just keep growing and producing?

Subject: RE: when do I plant garlic?
From: Mary Dancey
Date: 22-Mar-02 03:01 PM EST

Hi Dee,

Though I am fairly new to growing flowers I have grown garlic for 3 yrs now. I have always cut off the flower before it opens. This advice I got from my sister and her partner who are organic co-op growers in Ontario. Their reasoning is that the flower takes away from the bulb growing to it's potential. I plant about 300 cloves a year and then spend the rest of the year eating it. :) The flower or scap (which is what Arne was writing about) is also good eating and freezes well for furture use. I use them much like a green onion. The cloves are pulled when, as someone mentioned, the leaves start to yellow. Don't leave them too long though or you will be doing more digging and less pulling as the leaves will pull right off of the bulb. I then wash them all throughly and lay them on old screen doors in a dry well ventilated space for what seems like weeks and weeks. Once the leaves/stocks and the skins on the bulbs have dried out they are ready to eat........though I have to say that I have eaten them before they were ready. I then choose those that I will plant in the fall and pull the bulbs apart and put into brown paper bags and put into a dry well ventilated spot. When I plant them in the fall and this could be anywhere from Sept to Nov...depending on my timing and the weather, I make sure that I have fertilized well. My sister finds that the garlic grows better if well fertilized in the fall. Last fall I had some great horse manure mixed with peatmoss that I bedded the garlic with. I will also work some more into the ground around the garlic in May. I'll let you know how that worked out in July or so. :)

Garlic needs a fair amount of water, something that we didn't have last year in the natural sense and as a result my garlic supplier was rather low on garlic and sold out did others in central Ontario. I only have a small plot so it is easy enough to water.

This year Dee your garlic plant should grow again but you will either end up with very small bulbs or no bulbs at all. The greenery does make for nice eating though. If I remember correctly if there is no scape there is no bulb of garlic growing. Someone who has more experience with garlic might be able to shed more light on this. I am all excited about my garlic which I haven't given much thought to since I planted it last fall. I grow Italian Red which has a nice kick to it.


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