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JSP18-Mar-02 10:08 AM EST 6b   
Ian18-Mar-02 10:23 AM EST 5b   
Sue18-Mar-02 02:25 PM EST 6a   
Susan18-Mar-02 02:34 PM EST 6a   
Shaylaina18-Mar-02 03:26 PM EST 5   
Cheryl18-Mar-02 04:15 PM EST 5a   
donna@icangarden.com18-Mar-02 05:12 PM EST 3a   
Ann18-Mar-02 06:57 PM EST 4b   
peter21-Mar-02 10:10 AM EST 3b   
Karen21-Mar-02 03:12 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Canada Blooms
From: JSP
Zone: 6b
Date: 18-Mar-02 10:08 AM EST

How did all you gardeners out there find the Canada Blooms show this year? I missed it due to other commitments. I went last year - found it rather overwhelming - the crowds were too much for me, although I enjoyed the exhibits.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Ian
Zone: 5b
Date: 18-Mar-02 10:23 AM EST

Hey JSP....? I went on Wednesday and the crowds were light. They were looking for the same thing as me....."a fix" for my garden hobby habit!!

I just hope that the vendors don't one day out number the flower displays and seminars.


Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Sue
Zone: 6a
Date: 18-Mar-02 02:25 PM EST

Thought C. B. was wonderful - sooo many new things and stuff for the garden.!

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 18-Mar-02 02:34 PM EST

I went to the Success With Gardening show (on at the same time) because it was closer and parking is easier. I found it disappointing - not very large and virtually no display gardens to speak of. I'd never gone to either show before and I obviously picked the wrong one! A neighbor went to C.B. though and wasn't too happy either because it was very crowded when she was there and she missed seeing a lot because she wasn't willing to wait in line very long.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Shaylaina
Zone: 5
Date: 18-Mar-02 03:26 PM EST

We went to C.B. yesterday (Sunday). We really enjoyed it and found that we didn't have enough time to see everything. We stayed right up to closing and since it was the last day we got some real deals on plants. One vendor wanted everything gone, so he sold them for a $1 each. We did pass by a couple things because of long line ups, but just as well as we spent enough for the

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Cheryl
Zone: 5a
Date: 18-Mar-02 04:15 PM EST

I went on opening day, I think the admission price is outragous, after all you're paying to view their products.There wasn't enough emphisize on plant material as there was on decorative items and landscaping, it was more of a home & garden show than a bloom show

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Mar-02 05:12 PM EST

Just back from Canada Blooms and will have my pictures and recap up pretty soon. It is interesting to read these comments...

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 18-Mar-02 06:57 PM EST

We went on Friday, it was crowded but acceptable. We took our own lunch, glad we did when we saw lineups and prices. I thought the display gardens were alright but felt they were very similar in their choice of plant material. Saw one vendor in the marketplace selling Four o'clock tubers for 3 for $15.00 !!!! Outrageous. Sorry for the person who bought them without looking at the pictures. They had their botanical name on them, so a unexperienced gardener would not know what they were. A good day though and food for the gardeners soul at this time of the year.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: peter
Zone: 3b
Date: 21-Mar-02 10:10 AM EST

Hi everyone. I went to Canada Blooms on Sat. Mar 16 it was a 4 hour drive from my home. It was overwhelming the crowds made it hard to look at things. I did manage to enjoy myself.Yes, the vendors seemed to take up a large part of the show. Sat in on lecture was very good.The next time I go I'll preplan what I will do.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms
From: Karen
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-Mar-02 03:12 PM EST

I dragged my hubby to the show on Sat. This was my first time, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. All the feature gardens had a sameness to them in design and plant materials: Rocks, water feature, bulbs. They were all lovely, but not very imaginative or distinctive. I was looking for new ideas and I have to say I didn't get many. The crowds were outrageous and the price of the glorified cafeteria food (cold) was inexcusable. I'll know better for next year. Someone voiced concern over the number of vendors. There were a lot, but I enjoyed them as much as the display gardens. (Except for the pushy salesperson at Ontario Gardener magazine.) I do know exactly what plants to buy this year, though. (I *must* have a rhodo!) Despite all the above whining, I am glad I went and do plan to go again next year. I'll just try to be smarter about it.

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