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Sue13-Mar-02 08:48 AM EST 6a   
Susan13-Mar-02 09:02 AM EST 6a   
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Subject: Black spot on Roses
From: joni
Zone: 10
Date: 12-Mar-02 06:58 PM EST

what does black spot look like? how you they get it and how the heck do you get rid of it. Roses have so many little critter's don't they GEEZ.........joni

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Mar-02 09:16 PM EST

Black Spot is a fungus disease. It looks like its name - black spots on the leaves; then the leaves turn yellow and fall off. If you've got a particularly susceptible variety of rose (like I had), it can totally stip the leaves off the bush! It's worse in humid conditions, so roses need to be planted such that they have good air circulation (e.g don't crowd them with other plants) and you have to be careful with watering (don't water at night and leave the leaves wet all night.) Also, clean up and get rid of any diseased leaves that fall on the ground as the spores can live in the ground and reinfect the roses. Fungicides can help control it but the best solution is to only buy rose varieties that have been bred for resistance to it. Many roses are sold as 'disease resistant' when they really aren't(who would buy one advertised as disease-prone?!) Take a look at your neighbours' roses and ask them which ones are the healthiest and buy those varieties. Roses are lovely plants but I'm not prepared to fuss and spray so I'm very leery about inviting roses into my garden again but I'm going to try one more time this year. I hear that the 'New Dawn' climbing rose is very resistant and I think I'll give it a try...

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: joni
Zone: 10
Date: 12-Mar-02 11:30 PM EST

thanks susan for the great info

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 13-Mar-02 08:43 AM EST

Susan, you descibed it as it is ! Well done ! New Dawn a delicately pale pink climber has long been a favourite of mine; however, have not seen it listed anywhere in receny years. Where is it available in Ont.,anyone ? I want at least a pair this spring, for planting in about a month. And Joni, who said growing roses, or anything, was easy ? " It matters not what goal you seek, the secret here reposes; you have to work from week to week, to get results, ---, and roses!

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Sue
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-Mar-02 08:48 AM EST

Hi Ed: Try Pickering Nurseries in , of course, Pickering ON. I hear they have amazing selection of roses and I feel sure they would be able to help you. Sue

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-Mar-02 09:02 AM EST

Ed - knowing all the right things about Black Spot unfortunately doesn't do a thing for me when it comes to getting roses to grow...! New Dawn is in Sheridan's catalog and Hortico's as well. I know I saw it at my local Sheridan last year and at several other nurseries around Oakville. I was still cursing the Black Spot on my shrub roses and not inclined to touch another rose last year! I've calmed down over the winter and, keeping my fingers firmly crossed, am going to try again and see if this one is really resistant!

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: joni
Zone: 10
Date: 13-Mar-02 06:11 PM EST

I know that growing roses is not easy Ed, but I still love them and they get all my undivided attention, I planted them bareroot Jan 1 and wathcing them growing is so much fun. My son tell me they get more attention from me then he does

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 13-Mar-02 07:42 PM EST

I don't know if you have them where you are, but here in Canada we have Explorer varieties as well as Parkland roses that are very resistant to black spot and other diseases - hardy too. I have about 8 of them now and I have been very pleased with all of them except Cuthbert Grant that has mega-die back if we have a mild or bitter winter.

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Millie zones 6a and 9
Date: 17-Mar-02 07:50 PM EST

Black spots??? You have not seen black spots unless you have grown roses in Florida.

Susan. I have New Dawn and yes it is disease resistant. Mine was bought at White Rose. Press Here to View my Picturetail Albums

Press Here for Webshots Album

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Linda
Zone: 2a
Date: 07-Aug-03 08:00 AM EST

I've been growing Explorer Roses for some years now and have 10 of them and really love them; however, due to the high humidity we have been having my Franklin has black spot. According to my info. Eplorer roses do not like to be sprayed with anything period! So I'm looking for any solution to my problem. I did spray for black spot once and the rose dropped all its leaves on me. Not attractive! My rose garden is heavily mulched so picking up the dropped leaves is a bit of a problem but I try to clean up. I also have had a rose cucurlio on my roses this summer. I hand pick them off but am also looking for a way to get rid of them permanently. Any suggestions would be more than welcom. Thanks a bunch. We live in Zone 2a. Linda

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Dan (
Date: 10-Aug-03 07:59 AM EST

Hi all, I keep hearing about spraying roses with Epsom salts to prevent black spot. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Subject: RE: Black spot
From: Dee
Zone: 4a
Date: 10-Aug-03 01:29 PM EST

I spray my roses twice a week with an homemade solution which works wonders. I have been using it for 3 years and my plants are "bug-free" and "spot-free "as well. Here is the recipe: for 1 litre of water, use 1Tbsp baking soda(the little cow on the box) and 1 tsp dish soap(or insecticide soap) . Spray twice a week all Summer. (I mix a big batch and use my lawn and garden sprayer, easy and always at hand) Good luck. PS: I start rose bushes from cuttings using the belljar method , I have succeeded , and I have 5 new rose bushes this year (had grown 3 previously).

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