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Subject: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
Date: 12-Mar-02 02:17 PM EST

I have a pond with more than 50 gold fishes, water lilies and some water plants. Last summer, some racoons invaded the fish pond and ate some fishes at night. I have used sensor to turn on the light when they visit the pond, but found useless. Finally, I bought a fruit-net to cover the whole pond, but I have to sacrifice the upright water plants. Would someone advise me how to deal with those invader.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: Doug
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Mar-02 01:55 AM EST

What about a motion sensing water gun. Just have it set to fire at any motion that comes within a range of about three feet of the pond on all sides. This should deter the racoons and it won't cause them injury...and over time they will learn to leave the pond alone.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-Mar-02 07:42 AM EST

Racoons are very fussy about getting their feet dirty. My grasndfsther's trick to keeping them out of the corn in the garden was to surround the garden with a 6-8" wide strip of oil made by walking around the garden with oil in a pail with holes in the bottom. It worked well but needed renewing frequently. Obviously oil would not be good around a pond but maybe something else would work as well --molasses? (might attract insects though...) Something to think about...

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: Sue
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-Mar-02 08:38 AM EST

Hi: Had the same problem first year I put the pond in. They didn't catch any fish - thank goodness - so they gave up. Sure made a mess out of the pond plants however. I know this will sound mad but....this comes from a gardener who "is the best in town" gardener. He swore that to keep the racoons off his corn he sprayed the corn with a light mixture of bubble bath and water - teaspoon to litre/gallon (you decide) of water - any fragrance appeared to work. Good for plants because keeps bugs away, biodegradable (make sure it is)and environmentally friendly. Just have to be careful you don't spray it in the fish water - would hate to see them blowing bubbles. I have used this for whitefly in the house and aphids outside - prior to purchasing ladybugs - and it worked very well. Good luck - they are persistant little devils those racoons. I also did hear that the motion sensitive water spray was good - but I understand it is quite expensive initially. Somemone else told me the motion sensitive light just helped the racoons in their demolition process - was a wonderful flashlight. We now have a pet door so we don't see them much anymore. The dog runs out and scares them into the neighbours' yards which is OK since nobody around us has a pond. Good luck Sue

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
Date: 13-Mar-02 01:49 PM EST

Hi everyone, thanks for the good idea.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: JoanneS
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Mar-02 05:14 PM EST

I like Doug's idea. I would like to try this around my bird feeders. I have become totally hooked on birding and last year put feeders all around the house. I attacted some fabulous birds, but also their predators. Now, I can't do much about the peregine falcons or the merlins, but maybe this, or something similar, would work to keep the cats away? A mat maybe? And then when the kitties walked on the mat it would spray them. Nothing mean, just enough to warn the birds that kitty is looking for lunch.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: Alex
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Mar-02 07:27 PM EST

Confront those racoons! Demand that they show you their beach pass and some additional ID. That'll fix'em!

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: George Griffin
Date: 14-Mar-02 07:44 PM EST

Little plates of Caviar placed around the pond will distract them. Don't une anything less than the best however. Really though.... I would be tempted to use clippings from rose bushes at the edge of the water.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: Stanley
Zone: 6a
Date: 17-Mar-02 10:14 PM EST

Two years ago while visiting Balzac Botanical Gardens north of Calgary, we noticed large glass balls floating in the ponds. We were informed that these balls are placed there to keep racoons from invading the pond. Apparently light reflecting from the balls keeps raccoons at bay. We were skeptical, but at a Garden Specialty Shop in Stratford Ontario, glass balls are being sold for that very purpose. There must be some truth to the claim. Our pond is small enough that we can cover it each night so have not had a reason to try this. You may want to investigate this.

Subject: RE: How to stop racoon invading my fish pond
From: DAVE
Date: 23-Mar-02 11:09 AM EST

We built a pond three years ago and five of our first six fish were eaten within weeks. I noticed at The Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington that they constructed a ledge in their ponds so that the fish could escape their predators. While my pond is only 18" deep I built a ledge about 6 inches under water (using a big, flat piece of slate stone taking about two minutes to install) and haven't lost a fish since.

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