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Doug08-Mar-02 11:05 PM EST 6   
crocus09-Mar-02 09:11 PM EST   
cindy10-Mar-02 04:25 PM EST 3b   

Subject: primrose
From: Doug
Zone: 6
Date: 08-Mar-02 11:05 PM EST

I just bought some primroses. They are sold for inside during the spring. Will I be able to plant them outside and have them return next year? I have one primrose, but it seems to be a comletely different type.

Subject: RE: primrose
From: crocus
Date: 09-Mar-02 09:11 PM EST

Doug.The first year after planting cover the Primulas with some straw when the first killing frost is expected. Most of these plants are hardy in your zone but the trouble is to get them thru the first winter.

Subject: RE: primrose
From: cindy
Zone: 3b
Date: 10-Mar-02 04:25 PM EST

I try every year to keep the primrose alive long enough to put them outside. I have discovered through trial and error that they like to be transplanted into a bigger pot almost as soon as they come home. I lost quite a few before I learned to keep the plant high in the pot so they didn't suffer from rot. I do love them and about half come back the second year after protection from the elements. We get chinooks in Alberta so have to protect them from "waking up" to soon in the sprint. They bloom about 3 a season for me and I often split them by the end of the first season. Have to be sure it won't be to hot for a few days after doing so though. They have been very happy in shaded areas of my Calgary Garden and I love them

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