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Subject: I planted primose, please tell me about them
Zone: 10
Date: 08-Mar-02 08:31 PM EST

Hi everyone,

It's me Joni again, I can't help asking all these questions, so please bare with me. I have also planted Primose in my garden, along with an Ivy called "Mother of Ivy" it's beautiful and 35 plants of impatience, I will be planting my periwinkles also this weekend, but the Primose is also new to me, PLEASE tell me how Primrose grow. I should be called "Mary" instead of joni because everyone ask me "mary mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow" well the answer to that is "WHO KNOWS", i just love gardening..Thanks joni

Subject: RE: I planted primose, please tell me about them
From: Linda
Zone: 2
Date: 08-Mar-02 08:40 PM EST

Primroses like to be in shady areas with damp soil. They come in all sizes and varieties. Some are late sticking their noses through the soil. Many are also short lived which means it is a good idea to let them selfseed.

My plants should be sticking their heads out in 2 months.

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