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Jane Shute 03-Mar-02 07:42 PM EST
Jodie03-Mar-02 09:46 PM EST 2b   
Arne03-Mar-02 11:47 PM EST 8   
israel03-Mar-02 11:52 PM EST   
Susan04-Mar-02 07:26 AM EST 6a   

Subject: School Seed Projct
From: Jane Shute
Date: 03-Mar-02 07:42 PM EST

We have an Annual Plant Sale,and in the past we have had a joint project with a local school - they planted sunflower seeds, and we sold them - they got the profits. This year, another school group - a Breakfast Program - wants to do the same - but the sunflower seeds are already spoken for! Please - some suggestions for other easy to start, easy to sell seeds for the Breakfast Program group! Any Veggies - quite appropriate, but should be suitable for patios or balconies.


Subject: RE: School Seed Projct
From: Jodie
Zone: 2b
Date: 03-Mar-02 09:46 PM EST

Hi!! What about small tomatoes?? You know like cherry tomatoes. Our kids were given these seeds at school and they started them as a project. It is possible to grow on a deck/patio, you just need a pot to put them in. You get to eat the produce and the kids get to say look at this, I grew it. If the kids are only selling them then the people can use them as well and they are fairly easy to grow. Hope this can be of help.

Subject: RE: School Seed Projct
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 03-Mar-02 11:47 PM EST

There area number of plants you can use for school projects like you have mentioned. Some of the easist are the vegetables like squash,cucumbers etc. but the favorite around here is pumpkin. They start easy in a 4" pot and you could use it as a contest at the end of the season. For flowers I would tend to lean towards marigolds or the old stand by petunias. One project our schools has is to plant tree seeds and then at the end of the year they plant them around the school.

Subject: RE: School Seed Projct
From: israel
Date: 03-Mar-02 11:52 PM EST

peas, i'd suggest, they are super easy to grow and very hardy, and they wont grow very tall, the kids will enjoy the harvest, and they can svae the seeds, if u start early u can have 2 harvests during the summer

Subject: RE: School Seed Projct
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Mar-02 07:26 AM EST

Why not try herb? Chive, parsley and basil germinate fast and grow quickly. Sage also grows fairly quickly. Thyme and Rosemary are a little slower. Lavender is a fast starter too.

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