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Susan27-Feb-02 07:34 AM EST 6a   
Ed27-Feb-02 09:01 AM EST 5b   
Esther27-Feb-02 11:05 AM EST 3   

Subject: Recycled windows greenhouse
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 27-Feb-02 07:34 AM EST

We want to build a backyard cold greenhouse from recycled materials,using our old storm windows.Has anyone ever done that?Any suggestions? Is this a good idea or not?

Subject: RE: Recycled windows greenhouse
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Feb-02 09:01 AM EST

I started doing exactly that over 20 years ago, but during the course of building it, decided that I needed storage/ office space more than I needed a greenhouse. So, the hybrid building with windows on 3 sides ( N excepted, has a massive chimney ) has served its purpose admirably. To answer your question, for non-commercial use, I would not hesitate to recycle storm windows. Because of supports needed between the windows reulting in exclusion of some sunlight, such a structure would be only slightly less efficient than a regular greenhouse, but adequate for backyard home germination and related purposes.

Subject: RE: Recycled windows greenhouse
From: Esther
Zone: 3
Date: 27-Feb-02 11:05 AM EST

I have one. Did use real greenhouse plastic for the roof. Bought sone cheap 'greenhose plastic' at the lumber yard to line the inside but that plastic has disintegrated after 2 seasons. The roof plastic was garenteed is 7 years.Some windows that can be opened help for circulation.

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