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Clare15-Feb-02 03:42 PM EST
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Subject: Help for a classroom plant!
From: Clare
Date: 15-Feb-02 03:42 PM EST

Hi everyone,

A grade 4 teacher in my school has two students who have been taking care of a couple of pansy planters that he took in from his garden in September. They have looked great all winter in his north facing, fairly cool room, even sprouting a couple of seedlings but lately some of the leaves have a white powdery substance on them. We can't use anything chemical on them since there are kids with allergies in the school and besides we're not allowed! Is there anything natural we can use to dust or spray them with? I have told the girls I would seek expert help and they are quite anxiously awaiting some response!!

Thanks for any and all replies,


Subject: RE: Help for a classroom plant!
From: crocus
Date: 15-Feb-02 09:46 PM EST

Clare.The Pansies have powdery mildew,put two tsp of baking soda in a 1 liter spray bottle fill with warm water,add a squirt of baby shampoo to the water,close the bottle turn the bottle a few times over(do not shake)to mix the shampoo with the water,and spray your plants. Try to hit as much of the leaves on top and bottom as you can,repeat spray in 7-10 days,most likely till they can be moved outside. Increasing air circulation will also help after the spraying but being in a class room might be a problem.

Subject: RE: Help for a classroom plant!
From: Clare
Date: 19-Feb-02 05:52 PM EST

Thanks crocus for that tip. I remember reading of a natural remedy for powdery mildew in my gardening mags somewhere but don't have time to go rooting through them. You saved me a lot of time and effort. We'll try your remedy and see how it works - just like my forced alliums, nothing to lose eh?

Subject: RE: Help for a classroom plant!
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 24-Feb-02 02:10 AM EST

Another good natural rememdy is cinimmon. Us it for most of the fungus and pore pathogens that attack indoor plants.

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