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Subject: Butterfly Flowers
From: Jodie
Zone: 2b
Date: 13-Jan-02 11:18 PM EST

Hi!!!! I am wanting to attract butterflies to my garden!! DO you know where I can find out what kind of flowers that they like?? Or do you know of any off the top of your head?? Any flowers that humming birds might like, I would appreciate too. thanks

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 14-Jan-02 07:31 PM EST

I had great success with Tithonia (Mexican sunflower) last summer, the butterflies and hummers loved it. In your zone I would suggest getting the seeds started well before planting out since they take a while to flower. Well worth the effort though and you can save seeds for future years.

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-Jan-02 09:26 AM EST

Good morning Jodie. I have purple cone flower and the butterflies seem to love it. They also like the black eyed susan. If you have room for a bush, I would recommend the buddleia. I planted it two years ago and each fall it is covered with monarchs. It does get quite big though. Mine wasn't pruned and it got to be 6' tall and wide. Hope this helps. Marg

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: D
Zone: 3
Date: 15-Jan-02 03:18 PM EST

There is a list of plants here. Goodluck!

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: Doug
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Jan-02 01:16 AM EST


remember, to keep butterflies and hummingbirds returning to your yard, you need to provide not only food for them (flowers). They need shelter, water, resting places, and protection from predators. If you can do all this, then you will have some that should call your yard home. There are many good books that talk about creating butterfly habitats, not so many about hummingbirds that I have come across.


Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: Karen
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Jan-02 02:17 AM EST

Hi Jodie. I have a hedge of lilacs (the non-succoring type) next to my veggie garden, and there is ALWAYS loads of swallowtail butterflies as well as a few other types there. They have a tendency to land on the hanging baskets with scented petunias in them as well.

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: Linds
Date: 26-Jan-02 05:27 PM EST

Last summer I planted a butterfly bush and butterfly milkweed (aesclepia tuberosa, I think, and I had loads of monarchs in the garden, it was lovely!

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: bruce
Zone: 3
Date: 31-Jan-02 12:27 PM EST

Hi Jodie. This is the basics. Butterflies like a flat flower that they can land on such as black-eyed-susan or purple cone flower.They also love flowers such as butterfly bush which has a thick mass they can sit on. There are also shrubs which can attract them such as the Lilac. Humming birds prefer plants with flowers that are tubular in shape. You can try a trumpet vine or a wigelia shrub to attract them.I have apple trees that they seem to love so I would also try flowers like hoolyhock or delphinium to bring them in.

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
From: Shaylaina
Zone: 6
Date: 03-Feb-02 12:47 AM EST

Niagara Falls has a Butterfly conservatory. I have a phamplet here for visiting them. they have a web site at and an e-mail address at I hope these will help you...*S*

Subject: RE: Butterfly Flowers
Date: 06-Feb-02 02:23 PM EST

I've never seen this written anywhere, but I've found that adult monarchs seem to love ageretum "Hawaii Blue", especially the tall variety. As an added bonus, the flowers seem to glow in the long summer twilight, lending a gorgeous unearthly quality to the garden, especially when combined with white flowers.

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