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Subject: garden tours
From: Marie
Zone: 1b
Date: 09-Jan-02 01:14 AM EST

Our horticultural society is considering having garden tours this summer. We have a small membership and the community is fairly small. I would appreciate hearing about others experiences. Any pitfalls? I've read about these tours in large cities, but is anyone in small towns having success with tours also? Thanks for your help.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: Linda
Date: 09-Jan-02 11:36 PM EST

Our garden club has conducted tour for years.

We ask a number of people if they wish to show their garden on a certain date with an aprox time.

We usually meet at one place and car pool going from yard to yard. If their is a large group we form 2 groups and take alternate routes.

1/2 hr is usually good for a town lot.

Most people that come on the tours treat yards with respect. Some need to be told to stay on pathes and don't take cuttings unless offered.

If the ground is very wet post pone the tour.

We have had open yards but in a small town that does not work as well. people are more hesitant about walking into someones yard.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 10-Jan-02 07:30 PM EST

Lindsay, Ont. has been having succesful garden tours for a number of years. They have 6 gardens open. Always in July and have now gone to a Sunday. They have a Master Gardener on duty to answer questions as well as a person to mark tickets. Because it is a small town and the choice of gardens is now becoming difficult they are alternating their years with Port Hope. It is Lindsay's turn this July. Most visitors are very respectful of property etc., Some do ask to buy plants which can be helpful if you are fundraising.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: Marie
Zone: 1b
Date: 10-Jan-02 10:38 PM EST

Thanks Linda & Ann This is very helpful. I agree, Linda, that people are hesitant about disturbing others' privacy. This is why we are considering the tours. Do you conduct tours as a fundraiser? If so, how much do you charge? It seems difficult to charge someone for something they can do anytime for free!I like the idea of taking turns with another community, unfortunately, we are fairly isolated so that probably wouldn't work for us. I guess we could plan for 1 tour and then decide how to proceed depending on the response. Thanks again. I'll take your information to the next meeting.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: Linda
Date: 11-Jan-02 09:01 PM EST

We are usually free. We will charge if there is something worthwhile in the community to donate it to. I suspect that large areas charge partly for money but also it allows them to control the number of people touring.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: Dorothy
Zone: 5a
Date: 12-Jan-02 06:08 PM EST

I have been going on garden tours for quite a few years now and we have always paid for out tickets which I assume was part of each groups fundrasing.There are 5 or 6 of us, we pack a lunch on somewhere on the way we find a spot(even a oountry road)plant our blanket and have a lovely lunch, discuss the gardens we have seen and look forward to those we have yet to visit.It is one of the highlights of my summers. We see beautiful gardens, get to spend time with friends, and get to have a really nice day out.

Subject: RE: garden tours
From: leh
Zone: 2b
Date: 15-Jan-02 03:47 PM EST

I've been on several "bus" tours that include rural and urban yards. We usually pay for the bus ride, lunch and the privilege of "checking out" about six yards. All our hosts have willing shared their yards, knowledge and seeds.

Somethings you might want to consider: 1. discuss at the start of the tour what rules or courtesys you expect of the tour group. 2. have a leader or tour guide on the bus who can give a little history of each yard (i.e. how old, who does the work, etc.) and perhaps a little history of the area you are passing through.

Can you imagine a whole bus load of people talking gardening and loving it?? Ahhh, Heaven.

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