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Alex Eckardt05-Jan-02 03:11 PM EST 3   
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Subject: Temperature data for Calgary/ Central Alberta
From: Alex Eckardt
Zone: 3
Date: 05-Jan-02 03:11 PM EST

Environment Canada and related institutions sell 30-60 years old temperature data at steep prices. But, even at those astronomical costs, nothing is available to the general public that is newer than 1960.

Would anyone know of a private institution in Alberta that I can approach for more recent temperature data ??

I want to take the climatic changes of the last 5 years into account when starting my plants indoors. The average last spring frost date is a rather crude measure compared with average night time low temperatures and average maximum temperatures.

Subject: RE: Temperature data for Calgary/ Central Alberta
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 05-Jan-02 05:02 PM EST

You might want to try this site...and there is a name at the bottom to direct further enquiries to if you need more exact information...

Subject: RE: Temperature data for Calgary/ Central Alberta
From: Linda
Date: 05-Jan-02 11:36 PM EST

The Devonian Gardens which is part of the U of A Campus, By Devon; has a on going phenology study.

They track the flowers ofvarious plants across Alberta. This should give you some idea as when to put plants out.

I live in western central Alberta. My bedding plants are usually put out before the long weekend. Rarely have they frozen. The garden is planted with exception of squash and similar plants; the first part of May. The soil is not always warm but we usually have a warm spell - to plant - then rain or snow. Snow makes germination of corn uneven.

i do not like to transplant huge bedding plants so I plant the seed the last of March or the first of April.

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