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like more info13-Dec-01 03:39 PM EST
me too13-Dec-01 08:42 PM EST   
me too!13-Dec-01 08:44 PM EST   
Donna13-Dec-01 08:49 PM EST 3a   
Donna13-Dec-01 08:52 PM EST 3a   
Ed 13-Dec-01 09:11 PM EST 5   
leh14-Dec-01 03:39 PM EST 3   
Will Creed14-Dec-01 09:05 PM EST   
leisa15-Dec-01 05:04 AM EST   
Tom Dawson15-Dec-01 11:39 AM EST 3a   
Ed15-Dec-01 08:03 PM EST 5   
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Marion Penney20-Dec-01 02:11 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Myke an advertisment?
From: like more info
Date: 13-Dec-01 03:39 PM EST

Is there research to back up the claim? No chemicals and natural is good but how do we know that this is better?

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: me too
Date: 13-Dec-01 08:42 PM EST

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: me too!
Date: 13-Dec-01 08:44 PM EST

sounds like a sell-out to me.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Dec-01 08:49 PM EST

Hi there...if you want some more information on MYKE, just click on the MYKE logo at the top of the MYKE aware box. This will take you to their philosophy and then at the bottom of this article, click for more information and pictures. If you still need more information, please get in contact with me at my email. We are very happy to be involved with this product and will certainly do our best to make sure you know what the product is all about.

Yes, there is significant research with regards to the benefits of this fungus and I can certainly point you to numerous university articles.

As to whether it is an 'ad', it's really our way of saying we believe in the natural benefit of Mycorrhizal fungi.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Dec-01 08:52 PM EST

No sooner had I answered the question, than another pops up with no email saying that this is a sellout. I am not sure I understand what you I not allowed to express my opinion too!

If you are going to put statements up on this forum, then kindly make sure you add your email...that was uncalled for and not in keeping with what this forum on this site is all about.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Ed
Zone: 5
Date: 13-Dec-01 09:11 PM EST

Stop, look, listen ! By planting time cica 2002, we may all know a lot more about MYKE. In the meantime, let's approach it with an open mind. I see this as something new that I may come to experiment with; others may do this for me.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: leh
Zone: 3
Date: 14-Dec-01 03:39 PM EST

Donna, I love this site and one of the reasons is that there is no advertising jumping at me everytime I log on. Like Ed says I will keep an open mind, because if we gardeners didn't like trying or thinking about new ideas, we wouldn't keep coming back here. I do however feel that e-mail addresses are personal and those who choose to guard their privacy should be allowed that privilege.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Will Creed
Date: 14-Dec-01 09:05 PM EST

The benefits of Mycorrhizal fungi are well-established. However, like anything beneficial, claims are often exaggerated by those who stand to make a profit from its sale.

MYKE is the brandname of a commercial product that contains Mycorrhizal fungi. The information posted about it certainly is an advertisement. However, as the owner of this site it is Donna's privilege to advertise any product that she chooses and it is our privilege to read the ads or ignore them.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: leisa
Date: 15-Dec-01 05:04 AM EST

I thought that a person branshing the "master gardener" title shouldn't publicly push ANY brand name gardening product. I think this is the case with Master Gardeners in Ontario - what about the other provinces? What does it mean to you to be a "master gardener"? I also agree with leh about a persons email being private.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Tom Dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 15-Dec-01 11:39 AM EST

Hi, this is Tom (Donna's husband and webmaster of

I thought I would take a moment to respond to some of the notes in this thread.

I find it a little hard to understand all the fuss. The area entitled "MYKE Aware" was designed to help gardeners understand where a particular writer(s) stood on the use of Mycorrhizal fungi in the garden as it is not widely known. In some respects, this can be likened to a writer choosing to write an article for a magazine that espouses a particular philosophy (like a dedicated organic gardening magazine).

The fact that not all writers will choose to submit their articles under this area - and the fact that their articles are still published right along side the others should tell the gardening community that Donna (and ICanGarden) can maintain a balance, providing a voice and forum for all types of gardeners and all types of philosophies.

Its odd as well that no one seems to mind all the ads or promotions run by newspapers, radio shows, television programs and magazines.

As to the email issue, the reason we included it as part of the forum message was to allow a reader of a message to respond directly (and privately to someone posting a message). Emails are not really a private thing - every time you surf or send emails to other people, your email address is being published in the public domain of the internet. Unlike some other sites, we do not use, sell or abuse the emails on ICanGarden. (Donna) has been serving the Canadian gardening community for almost 6 years and has funded this entirely out of her own resources and has limited the amount of paid advertising to ensure the visitors of ICanGarden are not bombarded or inundated with ads or pop-up messages. I really don't think many gardeners fully understand what kind of commitment both in time and resources this has been to Donna.

On the other hand, she receives emails and notes almost every day from gardeners around the world telling her how much they have benefited from ICanGarden and I know this is what keeps her going.

If you would like to send me a personal, private message, feel free to email me at - I'd be happy to respond.

Best of the holiday season to everyone - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Ed
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Dec-01 08:03 PM EST

Thanks, Tom, we needed that !Providing e-mail addresses has allowed me so send and receive privately, messages that I did not consider of general interest; some of these contacts have found their way into my address book, allowing on-going communication on topics of newly dicovered mutual interest, that might not make a valid contribution to the site.I cannot imagine that similar contacts have not long been made by others; it's just another site bonus,for which many of us, I'm sure, are grateful.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Dave
Date: 16-Dec-01 01:23 PM EST

Just my two cents worth. I think this is one of the best sites. Who cares if there is a little product showcasing, you've earned the right and we might all learn something. I'm not thrilled about providing e-mail addresses but it is public domain and it's really easy to get an e-mail address that you could use specifically for this site and not worry about it spamming your regular e-mail address. And who knows you might strike up a friendship.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Judy
Date: 16-Dec-01 06:08 PM EST

I can't agree and this means that I won't be able to use this forum any longer.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Sharon
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Dec-01 10:58 AM EST

Folks, folks, get a grip. This is not a big issue. The use of Myke may well be a huge boon to the gardening community and then we will all be grateful to Donna for introducing us to it. If not, it will fall by the wayside as many other gardening trends have done and none the poorer for it. We should all be grateful for this wonderful site where we can get together with other gardeners for an exchange of ideas. There is no need to be so critical. We're all in this together. As far as e-mail addresses go, none of you are really so naive as to believe that your addresses are private, are you? Take my word for it, in this time that we live in, very little is really private. Get over it.

Subject: RE: Myke an advertisment?
From: Marion Penney
Zone: 5b
Date: 20-Dec-01 02:11 AM EST

I have nothing but admiration and respect for you guys. I have been involved in web-site development and maintenance for a site belonging to my professional organization (accounting) and I know what a thankless job it can be.

"I really don't think many gardeners fully understand what kind of commitment both in time and resources this has been to Donna."

Tom, you seem like a great guy, very supportive, much like my own husband. I know what a job it can be and how many hours it robs from the soul. There are many hours we would prefer to be out "playing in the dirt" rather than being in front of a computer facing a deadline. However, we feel we are doing a service and are happy to do so. It is disheartening to know it is not appreciated by a very few.

KUDOs to you guys.

I have always loved ICanGarden and I didn't realize the amount of personal time put into it but I should have. Thank you guys for everything, I have certainly enjoyed it. If something comes along that you feel you must endorse, by all means do so.

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